Tuesday, November 15, 2011

2011 Holiday Derby Gift Guide

The time has come!  I've gone through all of my favorite online sources to put together some gifts that your derby friends and relatives are going to love! 

Welcome to the 2011 Holiday Derby Gift Guide!

Want to add a little derby to your Christmas tree?  These ornaments by MoxieMadness are the perfect solution!  They come in multiple colors and cost $16 for two.

I love hair accessories and am often seen with a flower in my hair.  These skate clips from MT Coffinz are the perfect alternative to a flower and great for a team manager who doesn't have to wear a helmet!  They come in other colors and cost just $8!

Another great accessory for your hair, is this roller girl headband from Janine Basil. 

For your favorite cook on quads, a roller derby cookbook! The Dames Dish it Out - a cookbook created by The Greenville Derby Dames is filled with little secrets, plenty of photos of the girls and over 80 recipes.  $15

I've featured products from Beep Art in the past and they continue to add more creative ideas to their collection all the time.  Check out this adorable derby girl laptop decal for only $12.

Keep the derby love going all year long with a subscription to Five on Five Magazine.  This informative mag will keep you updated on everything from gear, regionals, coaching, media and so much more.  Order a single issue, or set up a friend with a full subscription.

Most derby players, especially when starting out, eat, drink and sleep derby.  These pillow cases by Branch Handmade can definitely help out with the sleep part.  $18 for a set of two.

I think it's only fair that if you skate, your Christmas stocking should reflect that.  Check out this derby skate stocking for $14.99 by Sinister Skate Wear

Derby girls are always looking for the perfect booty shorts.  Hex Chromosome features these and other bottoms which are created for and by derby girls.  Best of all, they promise no muffin tops or camel toes.  Check out the rest of their amazing styles and colors!

Former skater and artist Dedly Weponz never ceases to amaze me with her creativity.  Check out this tote bag for $28.

Keep the derby festivities going all year long with this illustrated calendar  for $20 by Black Sheep Clothing.

For those who love art, these colorful prints from Strada Coast are full of character and at just $10 each, affordable.

Let's not forget a little something for our hard working refs.  How about these note cards for $5 or necklace for $12 from Fire Bolt Creations.

To our derby moms with future derby players in their house.  This bib from Caustic Threads is not only adorable, but it's also reversible!  $14

There you have it!  The best of the best for holiday 2011.  I hope this year's guide helps you pick out some gifts for your loved ones.  Here's to a wonderful derby filled holiday season!!

- Etta

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Getting Ready For Giving

The time of year will soon be upon us when stores are packed with frantic shoppers and mall parking lots turn into a tar covered hell.  This is when I do my best to avoid the brick and mortar shops and pick up my laptop.  Shopping for holiday gifts in the comfort of my own home is just how I like it.  While some of you tough it out and go the old school route, I know that many of you, like me, prefer holiday shopping via the internet much better. 

Avoid this!

Every year I do my very best to bring you the biggest, newest and best in skate related products to make shopping for your favorite roller girls (and guys) easy!  My Holiday Derby Gift Guides are still The Rebel Yell's most read posts.  Even after holiday season is far behind, people click back to reference them and check out the shops listed to see if they can find a cool birthday gift for a friend. 

While I do find a lot of great gift ideas on my own, I always take reader suggestions.  Are you an artist or shop that makes/sells skate related products or know someone who does?  I'd love to feature you!  Email me with a link to your shop and any other information to ettajams@yahoo.com I plan on getting the Guide up by the last week of November, so be sure to get back to me before then.

My goal is to help you shrink down the "what do I get them" questions on all of your lists, so I'm hoping to make this year's the best gift guide yet!

- Etta