Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Mr & Mrs Roller Papi

As many of you know, I met my husband through roller derby.  Over the years he has been a part of the Roller Rebels - as a friend, a sometimes coach, a mascot one night and a half-time show performer.

On August 13th, in front of family and friends we were married by The Roller Rebels' very own Eve L. Taco aka Reverend Eve L.  The day was filled with happiness, good times, chilled Colt 45 forty ounces, yummy food and LOTS of dancing.  It was the very best day of my life!  I waited a long time for this wonderful man to come along and he was well worth the wait!

Though we don't have any of our professional photos yet, I thought I'd share some images taken by a few of our guests.
The photo on our invitation was taken by Beth Dixson and the invitation was designed by Renee Michele Andolina aka Dedly Weponz.

Me and my Matron of Honor, my sister.  You can't see, but I've got red shoes on, a gift from Sleeping Booty.

I cried (happy tears) walking down the aisle

Here we are at the ceremony with Reverend Eve L.  

 Our first kiss as bride and groom.

We did it!
It wouldn't be an entrance at all if we weren't on our skates
Our first dance

A day I won't ever forget!!
- Etta

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Try Outs

Every year in the Fall, for one night only, a huge group of women, brand new skates and gear in hand, nervously line up at the entrance of United Skates.  While they fidget and anxiously wait to be checked in, they secretly scope out their competition.  Some are sweating with anticipation, others are calm and in control.  There are beginners and a few with some experience under their belts.  They are all sizes, shapes, races and ages.  They have different educations and different backgrounds, but they all have one thing in common; They all want to play roller derby.  This great night in October is better known as The Long Island Roller Rebel Try Outs!

Recruitment night is one of the most exciting and important nights for our league.  As coaches, we take it all in.  Watching strides and skills of our newcomers to determine if they have what it takes to be a part of the team.  It's our job to pick and choose who will be a strong player in order to improve the performance of our league as skaters, as teammates and as a family.

I personally love this time.  It's inspiring to see where our new girls start off and if they make it, where practice eventually takes them.  Teaching the girls and watching them progress to bout level skaters is such a rewarding experience.  That being said, I can't wait to meet all of you new skaters!

Interested in trying out?  Here's what you need:

- Experience is not required, but a good attitude and willingness to learn is. 
- A registration fee of $50
- You must be 21 or older
- A photo ID
- Quad roller skates (if you don't have your own they are available for rental)
- All of the proper safety gear;  Helmet, elbow pads, knee pads, wrist guards and mouth guard

For more information, see the flyer below.  Good luck and see you there!

Friday, September 16, 2011

What's In Store

Hello Rebel Yell Readers!

I hope that you all had a fantastic summer and that you have many memorable moments from this year's derby season so far.  I know all of us Roller Rebels do!  One recent moment that comes to mind, is our girls winning three out of five bouts at the 2011 Empire Skate Showdown!! 

The end of summer does not mean that the fun is over though! We still have a lot more events that we're really looking forward to and we hope to see you at them!

Coming up this weekend, Saturday, 9/17 and Sunday 9/18, we will have a table full of Roller Rebel merchandise available for sale at The 25th Annual Bellmore Family Street Festival.  Come on down and say hello!

Stay tuned here because I have a lot of other exciting news to share with all of you.

Til then,