Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Mr & Mrs Roller Papi

As many of you know, I met my husband through roller derby.  Over the years he has been a part of the Roller Rebels - as a friend, a sometimes coach, a mascot one night and a half-time show performer.

On August 13th, in front of family and friends we were married by The Roller Rebels' very own Eve L. Taco aka Reverend Eve L.  The day was filled with happiness, good times, chilled Colt 45 forty ounces, yummy food and LOTS of dancing.  It was the very best day of my life!  I waited a long time for this wonderful man to come along and he was well worth the wait!

Though we don't have any of our professional photos yet, I thought I'd share some images taken by a few of our guests.
The photo on our invitation was taken by Beth Dixson and the invitation was designed by Renee Michele Andolina aka Dedly Weponz.

Me and my Matron of Honor, my sister.  You can't see, but I've got red shoes on, a gift from Sleeping Booty.

I cried (happy tears) walking down the aisle

Here we are at the ceremony with Reverend Eve L.  

 Our first kiss as bride and groom.

We did it!
It wouldn't be an entrance at all if we weren't on our skates
Our first dance

A day I won't ever forget!!
- Etta

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