Monday, October 3, 2011

25 Random Facts

I can remember when this Roller Rebel first became a part of the league 1 and a 1/2 years ago.  She started out as an NSO and then went on to become a skater.  As one of the most determined Fresh Bloods I've seen, she put in every single effort to learn each skill and learn it well. Her leadership qualities, willingness to always help, and her unconditional love for roller derby resulted in her being voted in as Captain of The Rock-A-Betty Bruisers, Assistant Manager of the All Star Team AND Recruitment Manager.  She takes on these roles with passion and commitment and does this all in addition to holding down a full-time job!  Let's learn a little bit more about this truly dedicated skater, ShadowboxHer!!

1. My middle name is Joy because my parents felt so much “joy” when I was born, or so the story goes.

2. For 3 years I taught Introduction to Feminism at the University at Albany.

3. I teach elementary school Physical Education to gifted children.

4. I have an older sister, and a younger brother who are both 4 years apart from me.

5. When I was young I used to have to try out the soap of every restaurant I entered!

6. I am a second degree black belt in the martial art of Chinese Kenpo.

7. I have a secret desire to be Xena Warrior Princess.

8. I have an extreme aversion to chewing gum.

9. I am dating a Villain.

10. I have read the book Stone Butch Blues, by Leslie Feinberg, over 30 times (no joke).

11. My favorite comic book character is Mystique from X-Men.

12. I was Missy Elliot for Halloween one year.

13. I have the best derby big sister out there!

14. I aspire to gain a PHD in Women’s Studies.

15. I dream of owning a farm with; three horses, a goat, a pond, and a weeping willow. Oh and of always wearing a cowgirl hat!

16. I have THE corniest sense of humor, and if you don’t believe me just ask my students.

17. I don’t get scared, I get startled.

18. I am extremely competitive, and always have been.

19. I would be perfectly content playing roller derby every waking hour…sometimes it feels like we do!

20. There is nothing in my life that can’t be cured with chocolate.

21. I played the saxophone my entire elementary/middle/high school career.

22. My favorite flower is a sunflower, every year I pledge to plant them.

23. I can read your aura!

24. The hardest thing I’ve ever had to go through was my black belt test. At 14 years old, I fought 12, 3 minute, full contact rounds against all men…BRUTAL.

25. Roller Derby has awarded me with the introduction to; some of the most amazing women I’ve ever met, the most thrilling, intricate, competitive sport out there, and some of the most memorable experiences of my entire life. I feel so fortunate to have stumbled upon the Long Island Roller Rebels!!! BOOM/BAM

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