Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Oh What a Night!

Last night over twenty women tried out for The Long Island Roller Rebels.  Potential recruits, waited patiently outside the doors of United Skates, while current league members got things prepped for registration.  A huge bag of extra gear was stationed near the entrance, ready for newcomers without any.  As the women slowly made their way through the registration process, the coaching and recruitment committees gathered together to prepare for the night.

Practice started with a safety check on gear, a warm up and then the potential new skaters were tested.  As they performed a series of skills, us coaches took notes and grades to help us decide who would make the cut.  We saw a lot of good skaters out there with determination and great potential.  The girls, some in derby skates, some in rentals, all worked their way around the track showing us who could crossover, who could hit and who could listen and follow direction.  The girls also met with the recruitment committee to discuss what becoming a part of the league entails.

Once tryouts ended, the coaches and recruitment committees gathered together to discuss who made it.  We are happy to welcome a lot of new members, and to all of those who didn't make it this time, we urge you to be a part of the league by becoming a volunteer or NSO.  Keep practicing, there's always next year!

These next few months will be a test for our newcomers.  While we openly welcome our Fresh Bloods, we will continue to assess skills, attitude and commitment.  Being a part of the Long Island Roller Rebels is surely an experience you will remember forever and we look forward to the new players for our 2011 season!

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