Monday, December 19, 2011

25 Random Facts

When you hear the description, a toothless book worm, with a great love for Martha Stewart, beauty and toughness are probably not the first adjectives that come to mind.  Sometimes though, it's the most unlikely combinations that result in something extraordinarily special and beautiful.  Such is the case with this Roller Rebel.  A skater with the league for as long as it's been around, this player has proven to be a MVP and a great friend to her teammates.  Best of all, she doesn't let her serious blocking and jamming skills on the track get in the way of her hilarious sense of humor.  Read on to find out more about the intriguing and lovely Carnage Electra!

1. I was in the first fresh blood draft ever for the Long Island Roller Rebels, and have been with the league ever since.

2. I have 2 younger siblings, a brother and a sister, both of whom are derby fans. My sister briefly reffed for LIRR and my brother, a Chicago resident, is a fan and supporter of Windy City.

3. I have shark dived, where you get in the cage and go in the water. It's an amazing experience I highly recommend.

4. Everyone thinks I'm missing a tooth. I am, in fact, missing two. Neither were lost to derby; both are casualties of my pending orthodontia. I lie about this. People assume it's derby and I don't want to explain my snaggly teeth constantly, so I just agree with whatever they think.

5. My first word was "owl". My mother had this owl teapot, and one day I pointed at it and dropped some knowledge on my parents. Owls have been my spirit animal and personal totem since.

6. I used to DJ, and opened for Moby when he played the Vanderbilt in the late 90s.

7. My day job? I'm a therapist.

8. I haven't eaten a hamburger in 20 years. I clearly remember eating the last one, because I thought it was gross (I ate meat otherwise until 3 years ago). My hamburgerversary is coming up; 21 years in February.

9. I can speak, read, and write conversational French and Spanish - read magazines, watch telenovelas, get around places - but I'm a bit rusty.

10. I don't really like movies in general. I'll watch horror, Hitchcock, science fiction, and anything with my favorite actor, but everything else I kind of dread and avoid.

11. My favorite actor is Fred Astaire. This fact, I feel, sheds some light on why I dislike a lot of movies. They don't make 'em like they used to.

12. My 2011 New Year's resolution was to open my eyes and close my mouth more in photographs. As of this writing, my success with this is mixed.

13. I am a big reader, and finish 50+ books a year. Email me and we can be friends on goodreads.

14. I have had some unusual jobs: seller of smoking apparatuses and porn, constructor of knockout mouse models for cancer research, paralegal to the head partner at a bodily injury law firm, and program director of a noncommercial radio station among some of the more noteworthy.

15. I hate the sound of whistling; it's like nails on a chalkboard to me.

16. My record player used to belong to Lou Reed. I know this because his parents gave it to me.

17. I learned to drive when I was almost 21.

18. I used photographs I took of the Bouncing Souls, drawings I made of my friends, and sets I built for the Ghouligans to get into School of Visual Arts for my Master's. It worked.

19. My right foot is half a size bigger than my left. I never noticed until I started skating.

20. I can play guitar, bass, and piano, but none of them very well.

21. I am a big fan of science fiction, especially old television and movies from the 50s, 60s, and 70s. And I prefer The Next Generation to the original.

22. Martha Stewart is one of my personal heroes, based on her success, work ethic, and abiding love and respect for Halloween. I liked earnest, young Martha when she was just starting out and making piles of elaborate hors d'oeuvres, and I liked queen of domesticity Martha, when she was riding high on her success and stenciling everything in her Maine and Connecticut homes, but my favorite Martha is her current, post-jail incarnation. She's just amazing, and if I could have come up with a derby name based around her, I would have used it just so I could frame the cease-and-desist letter I'm sure I'd receive.

23. I had all kinds of pets growing up: dogs, parrots that talk, a sugar glider, chinchilla, and hedgehog, as well as snakes, iguanas, and frogs. Seldom all at the same time, though.

24. I lived in a derby house, the Darkside, with Roxie Heartless, Dave Heartless, and Ruby Redrum for three years. It was truly epic, and I recommend living in a derby house at some point in your career maybe even more strongly than I recommend shark diving.

25. My parents picked my real first name because it was unusual. They were right: I was one of two with this name in my entire high school. Now, it has been consistently in the top ten for at least the past five years, maybe even a little longer.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

2011 Holiday Derby Gift Guide

The time has come!  I've gone through all of my favorite online sources to put together some gifts that your derby friends and relatives are going to love! 

Welcome to the 2011 Holiday Derby Gift Guide!

Want to add a little derby to your Christmas tree?  These ornaments by MoxieMadness are the perfect solution!  They come in multiple colors and cost $16 for two.

I love hair accessories and am often seen with a flower in my hair.  These skate clips from MT Coffinz are the perfect alternative to a flower and great for a team manager who doesn't have to wear a helmet!  They come in other colors and cost just $8!

Another great accessory for your hair, is this roller girl headband from Janine Basil. 

For your favorite cook on quads, a roller derby cookbook! The Dames Dish it Out - a cookbook created by The Greenville Derby Dames is filled with little secrets, plenty of photos of the girls and over 80 recipes.  $15

I've featured products from Beep Art in the past and they continue to add more creative ideas to their collection all the time.  Check out this adorable derby girl laptop decal for only $12.

Keep the derby love going all year long with a subscription to Five on Five Magazine.  This informative mag will keep you updated on everything from gear, regionals, coaching, media and so much more.  Order a single issue, or set up a friend with a full subscription.

Most derby players, especially when starting out, eat, drink and sleep derby.  These pillow cases by Branch Handmade can definitely help out with the sleep part.  $18 for a set of two.

I think it's only fair that if you skate, your Christmas stocking should reflect that.  Check out this derby skate stocking for $14.99 by Sinister Skate Wear

Derby girls are always looking for the perfect booty shorts.  Hex Chromosome features these and other bottoms which are created for and by derby girls.  Best of all, they promise no muffin tops or camel toes.  Check out the rest of their amazing styles and colors!

Former skater and artist Dedly Weponz never ceases to amaze me with her creativity.  Check out this tote bag for $28.

Keep the derby festivities going all year long with this illustrated calendar  for $20 by Black Sheep Clothing.

For those who love art, these colorful prints from Strada Coast are full of character and at just $10 each, affordable.

Let's not forget a little something for our hard working refs.  How about these note cards for $5 or necklace for $12 from Fire Bolt Creations.

To our derby moms with future derby players in their house.  This bib from Caustic Threads is not only adorable, but it's also reversible!  $14

There you have it!  The best of the best for holiday 2011.  I hope this year's guide helps you pick out some gifts for your loved ones.  Here's to a wonderful derby filled holiday season!!

- Etta

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Getting Ready For Giving

The time of year will soon be upon us when stores are packed with frantic shoppers and mall parking lots turn into a tar covered hell.  This is when I do my best to avoid the brick and mortar shops and pick up my laptop.  Shopping for holiday gifts in the comfort of my own home is just how I like it.  While some of you tough it out and go the old school route, I know that many of you, like me, prefer holiday shopping via the internet much better. 

Avoid this!

Every year I do my very best to bring you the biggest, newest and best in skate related products to make shopping for your favorite roller girls (and guys) easy!  My Holiday Derby Gift Guides are still The Rebel Yell's most read posts.  Even after holiday season is far behind, people click back to reference them and check out the shops listed to see if they can find a cool birthday gift for a friend. 

While I do find a lot of great gift ideas on my own, I always take reader suggestions.  Are you an artist or shop that makes/sells skate related products or know someone who does?  I'd love to feature you!  Email me with a link to your shop and any other information to I plan on getting the Guide up by the last week of November, so be sure to get back to me before then.

My goal is to help you shrink down the "what do I get them" questions on all of your lists, so I'm hoping to make this year's the best gift guide yet!

- Etta

Friday, October 28, 2011

Just A Reminder

Tomorrow night is our annual Halloween Fundraiser!  Come on down to Sinclair's Pub in West Babylon and enjoy great music, drinks and prizes for best costume!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Call Backs

Last night was the first official practice for our new Fresh Bloods. It was so exciting to see them all in action! Captain Morgan ran a great practice and although it was filled with a lot of basic skills, it was high-energy and left everyone feeling exhilarated and happy! I saw each and every skater out there giving it their all. Full determination - No slackers, no complainers. It was exactly what a coach likes to see.

I want to wish all of our new girls the best of luck and can’t wait to see them improve even more! Congratulations again to all of you!

See you all Thursday……

- Etta

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Oh What a Night!

Last night over twenty women tried out for The Long Island Roller Rebels.  Potential recruits, waited patiently outside the doors of United Skates, while current league members got things prepped for registration.  A huge bag of extra gear was stationed near the entrance, ready for newcomers without any.  As the women slowly made their way through the registration process, the coaching and recruitment committees gathered together to prepare for the night.

Practice started with a safety check on gear, a warm up and then the potential new skaters were tested.  As they performed a series of skills, us coaches took notes and grades to help us decide who would make the cut.  We saw a lot of good skaters out there with determination and great potential.  The girls, some in derby skates, some in rentals, all worked their way around the track showing us who could crossover, who could hit and who could listen and follow direction.  The girls also met with the recruitment committee to discuss what becoming a part of the league entails.

Once tryouts ended, the coaches and recruitment committees gathered together to discuss who made it.  We are happy to welcome a lot of new members, and to all of those who didn't make it this time, we urge you to be a part of the league by becoming a volunteer or NSO.  Keep practicing, there's always next year!

These next few months will be a test for our newcomers.  While we openly welcome our Fresh Bloods, we will continue to assess skills, attitude and commitment.  Being a part of the Long Island Roller Rebels is surely an experience you will remember forever and we look forward to the new players for our 2011 season!

Monday, October 3, 2011

25 Random Facts

I can remember when this Roller Rebel first became a part of the league 1 and a 1/2 years ago.  She started out as an NSO and then went on to become a skater.  As one of the most determined Fresh Bloods I've seen, she put in every single effort to learn each skill and learn it well. Her leadership qualities, willingness to always help, and her unconditional love for roller derby resulted in her being voted in as Captain of The Rock-A-Betty Bruisers, Assistant Manager of the All Star Team AND Recruitment Manager.  She takes on these roles with passion and commitment and does this all in addition to holding down a full-time job!  Let's learn a little bit more about this truly dedicated skater, ShadowboxHer!!

1. My middle name is Joy because my parents felt so much “joy” when I was born, or so the story goes.

2. For 3 years I taught Introduction to Feminism at the University at Albany.

3. I teach elementary school Physical Education to gifted children.

4. I have an older sister, and a younger brother who are both 4 years apart from me.

5. When I was young I used to have to try out the soap of every restaurant I entered!

6. I am a second degree black belt in the martial art of Chinese Kenpo.

7. I have a secret desire to be Xena Warrior Princess.

8. I have an extreme aversion to chewing gum.

9. I am dating a Villain.

10. I have read the book Stone Butch Blues, by Leslie Feinberg, over 30 times (no joke).

11. My favorite comic book character is Mystique from X-Men.

12. I was Missy Elliot for Halloween one year.

13. I have the best derby big sister out there!

14. I aspire to gain a PHD in Women’s Studies.

15. I dream of owning a farm with; three horses, a goat, a pond, and a weeping willow. Oh and of always wearing a cowgirl hat!

16. I have THE corniest sense of humor, and if you don’t believe me just ask my students.

17. I don’t get scared, I get startled.

18. I am extremely competitive, and always have been.

19. I would be perfectly content playing roller derby every waking hour…sometimes it feels like we do!

20. There is nothing in my life that can’t be cured with chocolate.

21. I played the saxophone my entire elementary/middle/high school career.

22. My favorite flower is a sunflower, every year I pledge to plant them.

23. I can read your aura!

24. The hardest thing I’ve ever had to go through was my black belt test. At 14 years old, I fought 12, 3 minute, full contact rounds against all men…BRUTAL.

25. Roller Derby has awarded me with the introduction to; some of the most amazing women I’ve ever met, the most thrilling, intricate, competitive sport out there, and some of the most memorable experiences of my entire life. I feel so fortunate to have stumbled upon the Long Island Roller Rebels!!! BOOM/BAM

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Mr & Mrs Roller Papi

As many of you know, I met my husband through roller derby.  Over the years he has been a part of the Roller Rebels - as a friend, a sometimes coach, a mascot one night and a half-time show performer.

On August 13th, in front of family and friends we were married by The Roller Rebels' very own Eve L. Taco aka Reverend Eve L.  The day was filled with happiness, good times, chilled Colt 45 forty ounces, yummy food and LOTS of dancing.  It was the very best day of my life!  I waited a long time for this wonderful man to come along and he was well worth the wait!

Though we don't have any of our professional photos yet, I thought I'd share some images taken by a few of our guests.
The photo on our invitation was taken by Beth Dixson and the invitation was designed by Renee Michele Andolina aka Dedly Weponz.

Me and my Matron of Honor, my sister.  You can't see, but I've got red shoes on, a gift from Sleeping Booty.

I cried (happy tears) walking down the aisle

Here we are at the ceremony with Reverend Eve L.  

 Our first kiss as bride and groom.

We did it!
It wouldn't be an entrance at all if we weren't on our skates
Our first dance

A day I won't ever forget!!
- Etta

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Try Outs

Every year in the Fall, for one night only, a huge group of women, brand new skates and gear in hand, nervously line up at the entrance of United Skates.  While they fidget and anxiously wait to be checked in, they secretly scope out their competition.  Some are sweating with anticipation, others are calm and in control.  There are beginners and a few with some experience under their belts.  They are all sizes, shapes, races and ages.  They have different educations and different backgrounds, but they all have one thing in common; They all want to play roller derby.  This great night in October is better known as The Long Island Roller Rebel Try Outs!

Recruitment night is one of the most exciting and important nights for our league.  As coaches, we take it all in.  Watching strides and skills of our newcomers to determine if they have what it takes to be a part of the team.  It's our job to pick and choose who will be a strong player in order to improve the performance of our league as skaters, as teammates and as a family.

I personally love this time.  It's inspiring to see where our new girls start off and if they make it, where practice eventually takes them.  Teaching the girls and watching them progress to bout level skaters is such a rewarding experience.  That being said, I can't wait to meet all of you new skaters!

Interested in trying out?  Here's what you need:

- Experience is not required, but a good attitude and willingness to learn is. 
- A registration fee of $50
- You must be 21 or older
- A photo ID
- Quad roller skates (if you don't have your own they are available for rental)
- All of the proper safety gear;  Helmet, elbow pads, knee pads, wrist guards and mouth guard

For more information, see the flyer below.  Good luck and see you there!

Friday, September 16, 2011

What's In Store

Hello Rebel Yell Readers!

I hope that you all had a fantastic summer and that you have many memorable moments from this year's derby season so far.  I know all of us Roller Rebels do!  One recent moment that comes to mind, is our girls winning three out of five bouts at the 2011 Empire Skate Showdown!! 

The end of summer does not mean that the fun is over though! We still have a lot more events that we're really looking forward to and we hope to see you at them!

Coming up this weekend, Saturday, 9/17 and Sunday 9/18, we will have a table full of Roller Rebel merchandise available for sale at The 25th Annual Bellmore Family Street Festival.  Come on down and say hello!

Stay tuned here because I have a lot of other exciting news to share with all of you.

Til then,

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Spread The Word

Below is an important letter from B.ay A.rea D.erby Girls that I would like to pass on. 

Dear friends:

Saturday, July 9, was an evening of mixed blessings for the B.A.D. Girls. After a successful Championship event at the Craneway Pavilion on the Richmond Harbor, league members who were transporting the money raised from the event were robbed at gunpoint.

Thankfully our league members were not injured. However the robbery was not only a shock to our community, but it took our entire financial reserve and profit for the event, totaling thousands of dollars that would have gone towards both future events and our practice venue.

The B.ay A.rea D.erby Girls is a 501(c)(3) and has been entirely volunteer-run since inception. To be robbed of badly needed funds is devastating; to have our league members’ lives threatened is irreparable.

Due to the ongoing investigation, we cannot release further details on the case but we have absolute confidence in the San Francisco Police Department to bring us justice.

While the SFPD works on the investigation, the B.ay A.rea D.erby Girls are in dire need of fundraising. We have always depended on the kindness of our fans and our community. In this time of need, we are reaching out for your generosity once again. Like the strongest jammers, we do not fall after one hit, and we have no intention of allowing thieves who would steal from a non-profit organization to stop us from rolling. If you can please donate to the B.ay A.rea D.erby Girls to recoup some of these financial losses, we would greatly appreciate any amount. Your donation will be fully tax-deductible. In addition, if you can donate items for us to raffle or venue space for us to hold a fundraiser, we promise to make it worth your while and continue to bring you the best roller derby in the Bay Area.

Like the community that we all practice and play in, we are strong. We have always been a league of extraordinary women who are undaunted by obstacles. Roller derby is a sport that embraces challenges, enables resiliency, and celebrates the spirit of the best in humanity. We intend in honoring that spirit and moving forward from this crime toward a much brighter future with all of you. Thank you again for your support. It means more to us now than it ever has before.

To support the B.A.D. Girls, please donate by clicking the "Donate" button on our home page at Your donation is tax deductible. You can also support us by attending our upcoming Golden Bowl tournament, Aug. 12-14 at the Oakland Convention Center.

To donate a product or venue space, please email

For press inquiries, please contact; +1 415 375 0663

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Ready, Set, Showdown!

Is it really August already?  Before we blink, summer will be winding down and we'll be starting to get ready for holiday shopping.  UGH - did I really just say that?  Of course, we do have a lot of great things to look forward to and one of the biggest events is our Second Annual Empire Skate Showdown! 

Let me sum this event up very simply:

Saturday, September 3rd, 2011
9 New York Teams
17 Bouts
2 Tracks
DJ Joe Jack
Long Ireland Beer
Tons of Vendors
Tons of FANS!!

The showdown was a huge success last year and we just can't wait to do it all over again!  For more information on where to buy tickets or to become a part of the event, please visit our website.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Build Your Own Monster

Attention all monster lovers!  Now you can look like one any time you want!  These adorable and somewhat scary skull caps are just the way to showcase your inner monster! 
Roller derby referee Anne Persand hand makes each individual monster hat and also takes special orders for some other creative creatures including scarves and helmet covers for jammers and pivots.

Not only are the hats fun to wear, but once you take a look at the uniquely designed order page on her website, the fun sketches and drop down boxes will have you stocking up for the whole family in no time!  Each hat is individually made to perfection, right down to the fang-toothed grins.  A few of the Roller Rebels have been seen sporting these and they rave about them.

Check out Anne's creative designs at her website My Monster Hat and order yours today.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Try and Catch This Villain!

The Roller Rebels are proud to have one of our newest league members featured in The Merrick Herald.

Click here for the full story on Velloce Villain!

Friday, June 24, 2011

That Booty Can Really Work a Pencil

There are so many Roller Rebels that have talent beyond skating, many I probably don't even know about.  I always like to showcase my girls in their "real" lives and I especially like to feature the crafty things some of them do. 

I always knew that this Roller Rebel was a talented artist and I've seen some of her work from years ago, but this recent project that she just completed, simply blew my mind!  It also apparently impressed some very tough judges at The School of Visual Arts as well.  She was accepted into the school and very happily starts this Fall.  We couldn't be more excited for our dear friend who gets to leave her desk job behind and move herself behind the drawing board. 

Congratulations Sleeping Booty!! 

Here are some images from her Derby Project

Booty, here's to you and a job well done!  Your acceptance into SVA is well deserved.