Monday, August 1, 2011

Build Your Own Monster

Attention all monster lovers!  Now you can look like one any time you want!  These adorable and somewhat scary skull caps are just the way to showcase your inner monster! 
Roller derby referee Anne Persand hand makes each individual monster hat and also takes special orders for some other creative creatures including scarves and helmet covers for jammers and pivots.

Not only are the hats fun to wear, but once you take a look at the uniquely designed order page on her website, the fun sketches and drop down boxes will have you stocking up for the whole family in no time!  Each hat is individually made to perfection, right down to the fang-toothed grins.  A few of the Roller Rebels have been seen sporting these and they rave about them.

Check out Anne's creative designs at her website My Monster Hat and order yours today.

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