Friday, June 24, 2011

That Booty Can Really Work a Pencil

There are so many Roller Rebels that have talent beyond skating, many I probably don't even know about.  I always like to showcase my girls in their "real" lives and I especially like to feature the crafty things some of them do. 

I always knew that this Roller Rebel was a talented artist and I've seen some of her work from years ago, but this recent project that she just completed, simply blew my mind!  It also apparently impressed some very tough judges at The School of Visual Arts as well.  She was accepted into the school and very happily starts this Fall.  We couldn't be more excited for our dear friend who gets to leave her desk job behind and move herself behind the drawing board. 

Congratulations Sleeping Booty!! 

Here are some images from her Derby Project

Booty, here's to you and a job well done!  Your acceptance into SVA is well deserved.

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