Wednesday, March 30, 2011

B There!

Were you at our bout on March 12th??  If not, boy did you miss out!  Unfortunately, The Rebels did not win, but it was extremely close.  Team Veterans MadDonna and Captain Morgan did an exceptional job and the rest of the All Stars were on point as well.  In the end, CT won by one point.  Yep, just one!  Final score, 111-110.

So what are you doing Saturday, April 9th?  No plans?  Good, because for the first time EVER our B Team, The Rock-a-Betty Bruisers will be bouting.  They are up against Hudson Valley zomBsquad

Get ready.  Seriously.  I've been watching these up and comers at practice and it seems that they were born with derby in their blood.  They are passionate, skilled and ready to go!

And to sweeten the deal, as if it needed to get any sweeter, catch the unstoppable New York Shock Exchange again as they take on Mass Maelstrom.

See you all there!

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