Monday, May 14, 2012

Derby Baby

Many of us who play or who have played roller derby, are changed from it. Changed in the best way possible. The sport somehow enters your soul and stays there for good. It opens up this new world and you become a person you didn't know you could ever be! You feel a connection unlike anything else. Some try the sport, and they don't stay around, but others, find themselves completely consumed by it. And if you're one of the many skaters who are consumed, you're going to be deeply moved when you watch this trailer!

Though the film is complete, the producers still need funding to help bring it to venues.  If you're interested in helping to fund Derby Baby, please visit this link and find out how you can donate.  They have a few different donation packages and you can even donate just one dollar if that's all your budget allows. 

I hope to see the film make it's way to big screens around our way!

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