Monday, July 9, 2012

25 Random Facts

Spectators come to roller derby bouts to see teams battle against each other to determine who is faster, stronger and can score the most points.  It is a fact though, that without the help of our referees, there would be no bouts!  Refs play an important role by enforcing the rules that make the game official.  Reffing is not an easy job, but this guy is definitely 'kut' out for the it!  Former ref turned LIRR co-announcer, furniture maker, fisherman and all around great guy, ladies and gentlemen, I give to you Nixon Kutz!

1 - Born in NJ and raised on a farm.
2 - Drove a motorized vehicle for the first time at age 10. It was a Cub Cadet lawn mower and he has been operating any vehicle he can get his hands on since.

3 - Has lived in Pennsylvania, California, Idaho, Oregon, Florida, New York (upstate and Long Island)

4 - When in Oregon he volunteered with a dive rescue group for Lincoln County and became a dive rescue specialist.
5 - In Idaho he worked for three and a half years in a large Country & Western bar called Shorty’s.
6 - Also in Idaho he was training to ride a bull in a rodeo. That is, until he watched a friend/co-worker get badly trampled and changed his mind.
7 - Was accepted to the Peace Corps, but declined the appointment due to a better job offer.
8 - Was in 4H in his teen years, president of the Seeing Eye dog club and raised 4 Seeing Eye dogs.
9 - Has worked as a professional Sailor (non-military) on the West Coast.
10 - Is an excellent cook
11 - Got married on October 31st, yes Samhain (aka Halowwen) to Luna Obscura and was married by Eve L. Taco

12 - Despises lamb, liver and brussel sprouts
13 - Is a third generation skater. His grandparents were members of a Newark, NJ club called the Swing Skaters.
14 - Was the first head referee for the Morristown Madams and trained by referees from LIRR

15 - Lost his eye at age 16 to a bad badminton accident and complications with surgery.
16 - Has ridden in a balloon with Malcolm Forbes
17 - Likes to make rustic furniture when he has the time and facility to do so
18 - Has skated with midgets

19 - Loves to fish, surf, sail and scuba

20 - Is not a fan of red squirrels, they are rude, gray squirrels are fine
21 - Met John “John-John” Kennedy Jr. when he fell off his horse and was injured
22 - Has worked as a truck, heavy equipment and marine mechanic and is very handy with tools
23 - Helped deliver two boats down the coast of California; one to Ensenada Mexico and the other to San Diego. He also navigated solo from San Diego to San Pedro (Los Angles) with nothing but a small old school GPS
24 - Has refereed not only for roller derby, but has two jello wrestling matches to his credit

25 - Has seven cats, three of which he hand raised


Jake S said...

Another great spotlight, Etta!

Adam Lucas said...

Nixon rocks!!!

The Long Island Roller Rebels said...

Thanks Jake, but Nixon deserves all of the credit!