Thursday, March 21, 2013

All Stars VS GSR Recap

Saturday March 9th was the second bout of the season for the Long Island Roller Rebels, but the first sanctioned bout of 2013. This was an exciting match up between the LIRR All Stars (17E) and the Garden State Roller Girls Ironbound Maidens (27E). In the first jam GSR’s Renegade Ruby was able to obtain lead jammer, but was held back by great recycling and walls formed by veteran Rebel blockers, ShadowboxHer, Amaretto Sourpuss, Angry Penguin and Betty or Not. With a lightning fast ATTACKACARDIC hot on her trail, Ruby was forced to call off the jam early leaving her scoreless. In the second jam C-Roll was able to rack up the first 3 points for Long Island.  In the following jam ATTACKACARDIC gained lead jammer and put up a whopping 13 points, her run was cut short when she was sent to the penalty box for a major track cut giving Garden State a power jam.  Renegade Ruby was limited to only 5 points while ATTACK served her time in the box, leaving the score at 16 to 5 in favor of Long Island. AKA Meme then took the jammer line for GSR obtaining lead jammer and 13 points bringing this bout to only a 3point difference. Garden State would then rally to put points on the board, until jam 8 when Renegade Ruby would receive a major track cut loosing lead jammer status and sending her to the box. LIRR All Star C-Roll was able to capatilize on the power play with a 25 point jam of her own bringing the hometown heroes back into the game and once again changing the lead back to Long Island 46 to 40. Only 2 jams later Renegade Ruby would acquire 25 points changing the lead back to Garden State. Even with a 19point power jam by Rebel rookie Thin Slice of Violence, Garden State would keep the lead for the remainder of the period, but not by much.  At the end of the first period the score was 85 to 96 in favor of Garden State.
Photo - Rick Odell

At the beginning of the second half our Long Island All Stars got their second wind and we would see a repeat of the first jam from the first half. Even though Garden State Renegade Ruby obtained lead jammer, ATTACKACARDIC was hot on her heels forcing her to call the jam off leaving both teams scoreless. In the following jam AKA Meme lost lead jammer and was sent to the penalty box giving C-Roll the opportunity to score 19 points and once again changing the lead 104 to 100 in favor of Long Island! With the score still close and several lead changes, Long Island sent out a one-two punch when ATTACKACARDIC took the jammer line unopposed obtaining lead jammer and earning 25 points! This was followed by Crashtastic Cate donning the jammer star and putting up 14 points for Long Island pushing them further into the lead 153 to 126! It came down to the last jam to see who would win this battle with the score close at 171 to 166 in favor of Long Island. ATTACKACARDIC would join Lixxie Stixx on the jammer line, it looked good for Long Island when ATTACKACARDIC gained lead jammer and grabbed 4 points, unfortunately ATTACK would receive a major track cut leaving Lixxie Stixx unopposed to gain 12 points for her team changing the lead to Garden State Rollergirls. With no time outs left for Long Island, GSR would go on to win the bout with a final score of 175 Long Island 175 to 178 Garden State Rollergirls.

MVPS Long Island ATTACKACARDIC Garden State Renegade Ruby

Photo - Rick Odell

Long Island Leading Scorers
ATTACKACARDIC  66 points (20 jams)
C-Roll 56 points (12 jams)
Thin Slice of Violence 26 points (4 jams)
Crashtastic Cate 19 points (9 jams)
Amaretto Sourpuss 8 points (2 jams)
Garden State Leading Scorers
Renegade Ruby 98 points (18 jams)
AKA Meme 46 points (17 jams)
Gut-Her Punk 19 points (7 jams)
Lixxie Stixx 12 points (2 jams)

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