Sunday, September 7, 2008

Our Lucky Star

Roller Rebel of the Month
Most teams have one of those players that they just don't ever want to play without. For The Roller Rebels, that player is MadDonna. Much like the star who inspired her derby name, MadDonna is able to juggle a hectic schedule of work and school, without having it interfere with her performance (on the track). If you have had the pleasure of playing against The Long Island Roller Rebels, chances are you will remember MadDonna. For those of you who have TRIED to pass her on the track, you will no doubt recall that major obstacle you encountered, better known as The MadDonna Booty Block. This intelligent, golden locked beauty displays a game face that is sure to make you lose the one thing she always maintains.....FOCUS! She has uniquely mastered a galloping-like technique, making her footwork that of a thoroughbred. Here MadDonna shares with us her pre-bout strategies and her obsession with bananas! Read on to see how she gets into the groove.

Derby Name: MadDonna

Number: 31

Position: Blocker, Pivot, or anywhere you need me

Worst Derby Injury: I think I broke a nail once.

Describe Roller Derby in one word: Addictive

If you could invite anyone to play derby with you (eg. famous person, friend, enemy, family member etc.), who would it be?: My friend Tara from home in Long Beach, Pam Anderson and Helen Keller.

Favorite derby memory: Wicked Wheelers winning the championship in '06

Tell me something about you that would surprise people: I listen to 1010 wins non-stop when I'm in my car.

Always: be closing, be aware of your surroundings and always eat bananas.

Never: drink Pepsi.

A great skater: takes care of herself, eats well, takes risks, has drive and discipline, knows the game, **Trains out of practice** and eats bananas.

Before a bout: I eat bananas and try to stay calm.

When I am not playing derby: I go to school, work, sleep and eat.
xoxo MadDonna

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flo said...

congrats Pony girl <3 your the bomb!!!!!!!!!!!!