Sunday, October 5, 2008

Poison Love

Does your league have a member who the rest of the teammates can always count on in times of need? How about one who willingly steps up and takes charge without question? How about one who juggles multiple tasks at once and somehow consistently has a smile on her face while doing so? Well, The Long Island Roller Rebels can answer yes to those three questions. League Vice President and sponsorship organizer are just a couple of the many jobs this skater manages to do with ease. Whether she is running a league meeting, competing in a bout or taking care of her undeniably adorable 3-year-old son William, she always manages to maintain a calm demeanor and handle it all without sinking. Watching her compete you will never be let down, because no matter what is going on, she is consistent with putting everything she's got into playing. She'll block you, hit you, jam past you and keep that pack where it needs to be. You can't help but love her sweet smile and kind way, but once she's on the track, a different person appears. When it comes to using love as a weapon, this poison princess pulls it off with lethal precision. Her friends know her as Kisses, but make no mistake opponents, she will be known to all of you as Cyanide. I'm happy to feature this lovely little mama, who would do just about anything for her teammates.......Cyanide Kisses!!

Derby Name: Cyanide Kisses
#: 828
Position(s): Pivot and Blocker
Worst Derby Injury: Probably the infinite amount of rink rash I've gotten on my thighs from wearing the shortest of short shorts.
Describe derby in one word: love
If you could invite anyone to play derby with you, who would it be? My dad. He always keeps me focused and motivated. I think it would be fun to knock him around on the rink. Besides, he'd look totally badass in fishnets!
Favorite derby memory: I can't narrow it down. All of my derby memories are my favorites. Maybe Jefferee starting his halftime speech when we played Hudson Valley by screaming "We're f*cking winning ahhhhhh!!!" Our road trips haven't been too shabby either.
Tell me something about you that would surprise people: I make a mean pot of chili.
Always: Have fun
Never: Sell your soul to the devil, no matter what wheels he's offering you.
A great skater: Gives it everything she's got.
Before a bout: I turn the music in my car all the way up and sing at the top of my lungs.
When I am not playing derby: I'm running around with my 3 year old.

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