Saturday, May 15, 2010

Sitting here, Waiting

I'm really excited about tonight! I knew I would be happy to be back announcing with Jake and especially for our first intra-league bout of the season, but I didn't anticipate feeling this excited. I am of course a bit sad to not be skating, but honestly even if I was on the roster this season, I don't think my knee could handle a bout right now, after my recent fall. As it turns out, a doctor's visit may be in order as my knee was left a bit disfigured. I am not certain if I have a build up of scar tissue, or a possible chipped bone, but whatever the case, it doesn't look good. In addition, I still can't fully put pressure on it. But enough about me!

Tonight is going to be fantastic!! Derby, music, beer, merch and an all around good time. I hope you've all purchased your tickets and have your rink side seats dusted off and ready to go. I'll be there next to my co-announcer, the wonderfully funny Jake, cheering the girls on.

See you all later!!


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