Wednesday, August 25, 2010

25 Random Facts

Ready for round 3?  I'm loving the 25 Random Facts about a Roller Rebel posts and hope you are as well. I'm really getting to know things about my teammates that I never would have known prior to these posts.

Today I bring you facts about one of our newer skaters, St. Zombie's Fire.  Read on to learn about her many travels, family history and a few of her favorite things.

1. I am a Civil War Descend. My great-great grandfather Tomas Francis Travers was a Union solider. My family is very proud of this and when I was ten I dressed up for Halloween as him.

2. I stood on four states at once. When not skating, I enjoy travelling around the USA visiting many of our country's national parks.

3. I play and win the claw game. My room is filled with claw game prizes. I know how to win, and when to give up but I always have fun playing.

4. I have over 160 PEZ dispensers.

5. Favorite composer is Mozart.

6. I Read 50 books a year. I take the train to school and most of my time is spent sitting and waiting.  Reading makes the time go by.

7. Have a signed copy of Night by Elie Wiesel.

8. Have a varsity letter in high school badminton.

9. I know when it's going to thunder. I get migraines an hour before it starts.

10. Got my grandfather to get my skates blessed before I played on them, so I don’t get hurt and to help me play.

11. I Like to get autographs of famous people I like.

12. Have seen forty three of the fifty states, planning to seen the last seven soon.

13. My favorite color is blue.

14. Have a tattoo on my back “If I could dream at all, it would be of you” from the book Twilight.

15. I'm a Met fan.  My whole family on both parents' sides are fans so I am one by genetics.

16. Have two dogs. A year old standard poodle, and a eight year old corgi.

17. I'm a big fan of Stargate SG-1.

18. I go food shopping at 1:00 in the morning. I hate lines and crowds.

19. Can speak German.

20. Like to hang out in the Barnes and Noble coffee shop with my friends.

21. I've had a bunny doll named Mr. Bunny for over twenty years that I even took to college with me. My mom sent him up in my first care package to school.

22. I Get in trouble for drinking out of the milk carton.

23. I collect hobbies. I like to learn new hobbies whenever I can, but when I master one I move on to a new one so I create a lot clutter in my house.

24. I was born the year of THE RABBIT

25. Favorite food is eggs. I go on and on about how good eggs are to friends and the best way to cook them. My favorite are soft boiled eggs.

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