Monday, August 23, 2010

It Rained IZZE

It was a little bit like Christmas at last Saturday's bout, when Kristin, a rep from IZZE, dropped off enough free drinks and gifts to fit under all of our trees!  

A lot of companies give away free goodies, but honestly most I would not use and get thrown out or given away.  Not the case with the gifts brought to us by IZZE.  They were not only usable, but stylish as well.  Bags made from a light weight pink vinyl with a lime green graphic design on the front, held a t-shirt, lip balm and a can of IZZE in each.  The bag is great for the supermarket, to hold clothes or for use as an everyday bag.  Unlike a lot of free company t-shirts, the IZZE one has a cute logo on the front.

So you know about the cute stuff, now let's talk about the drinks.  In my bag was a Fortified Sparkling Blackberry and I was also given a Fortified Sparkling Grapefruit (at the announcer's table). 
Although I preferred the grapefruit, both drinks were naturally sweet and very refreshing!  Much tastier than a regular fruit juice.  I love the fact that the drinks have fizz in them because to me, they go not only with breakfast, but also on their own or with any other meal.  I would definitely buy these products

Thanks for the refreshments Kristin!  Us roller girls are sure to look cute wearing our tees as we sip our drinks.

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sleeping booty said...

i looooooved the blackberry. and the chapstick!