Monday, November 1, 2010

25 Random Facts

Well, it's been a little while, but I'm finally back with your favorite post, 25 Random Facts. Today, I'm happy to feature a skater who's musical feats and famous meets are diverse, interesting and at the same time, a little bit funny.  This Roller Rebel shares a special bond with her sisters and is not afraid to divulge some of her personal fears with us. Read on to learn more about the beautiful and talented Missy Nigma!
1. I was born on Friday the 13th, the same day Friday the 13th came out in theaters.

2. My birth was announced on stage at Madison Square Garden a month after I was born.

3. I was a competitive and synchronized swimmer for ten years.

4. I played bass guitar in high school and was in two bands.

5. The tattoo on my chest is for my two sisters, who both live across the country.

6. I went to college for music.

7. A few years ago I jumped in a van and toured parts of the country with an all female rock band.

8. I have a tank top that Brett Michaels wore on stage when Poison played Jones Beach on my birthday in 2003.

9. I have Ornithophobia, an irrational fear of birds.

10. I have seen all the Saw movies in the same theater at the same time of year for the past six years.

11. My favorite ride is the zipper.

12. I wear a second pair of socks when I skate. I have not washed them since the beginning of the season, and don’t intend on washing them till the season is over… call it superstitious.

13. I shook hands with Elton John when I was younger.

14. I am a live sound engineer

15. I have never seen any Indiana Jones or Star Wars movies.

16. My real name means ‘guardian’.

17. The Riddler is my favorite super villain, and how I got my derby name.

18. I have matching tattoos with another Roller Rebel.

19. I am a nanny for one year old twins.

20. I have worn the same ring on the same finger for the past eleven years, my sisters have been wearing matching ones.

21. My #0G actually stands for Oprah & Gayle… maybe.

22. I rode on the back of a motorcycle when I was three.

23. When I was little I had dreams of being a stand up comedian, I was shy and not funny at all.

24. I snuck in to a locked room while Simon from Duran Duran was getting a massage, I was instantly creeped out.

25. When I was little I took figure skating lessons and quit when I was knocked down and got a concussion. Twenty-one years later I joined the roller derby.

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Anonymous said...

Missy Nigma is my most favorite derby girl! 0G FOREVER!!!!