Monday, January 10, 2011

Remembering 2010

Happy New Year everyone!  I hope all of you enjoyed your holidays and new year's celebrations.

At the start of a new year, I always like to reflect back on the year prior.  So I asked my fellow Rebels what the best part of 2010 was for them in relation to roller derby.  Here are their responses: 

Anna Tramp - One of my favortie memories was the Wilkes Barre bout....we brought 8 skaters, won and played - amazing like a team. Rebels Boom!
Captain Morgan - I would have to say waking up in Rochester to a room full of Roller Rebels playing guitar and air drums and singing at 11am when we only arrived at 4am.

Carnage Electra -
- Hardcory putting her skates back on. 
- The Holiday Party

- Selling out the first bout of the season.  
- Lehigh Valley taping mattresses to the walls before the bout, and then throwing a truly rocking after party, complete with the Buzzards.
- Driving to Ohio in the middle of the night, sleeping super hard for four hours in Columbus, and then bringing Ruby Redrum back in time for the championships
- The amazing gorgeous rink at Ithaca, and the smoke gun thing that guy had that blew smoke rings
- The Rochester after party. And booking it to Rochester in like six hours thanks to CRoll.
- The maple syrup drinking contest by Jeff and Gomes at the pancake breakfast.

Whiskey Lullabye - Winning at Albany, first win of our season, there is a picture of Violet on her knees after skating over and the whole cheering with our arms open to hug was an amazing moment
Hard Cory - I had so many good memories from this season.
- Pancake Breakfast
- St Patrick's Day Parade, our holiday party for sure. 
- Winning at Albany, after their whole crowd booed us. 

- Winning at Rochester by 1 point, and then partying with one of the most hospitable and amazing groups of girls after. Not to mention the giant Penis Outdoors. (that was Mother's day and it was snowing). 
- The first time we experienced the Ladies intro! 
- The first time the Wheelers debuted their creepy intro! 
- Beating Jersey Shore at ECE. But more importantly, hearing how afraid of us they were beforehand. 
- The ECE pool party. 
- Making Shadowpuppets on the Projector with C-Roll at Hudson Valley. 
- Making our Hudson Valley Horror Movie
C-Roll -
- The ladies winning there first ever bout was pretty awesome.  That was a great game!  
- The Thunder Cats undefeated season was very magical! 
- Empire state show down was awesome with all the New York girls and boys playing. 
- ECE -  beating Jersey at ECE. -  that was for Captain. 
- Just great girls in general, best season ever and a better one coming I can feel it.
- Murderheart and Hardcory's derby wedding was up there too.  
J-Bone - 2010 was amazingggggg... I have so many great memories...
- Beating Albany was super they skated dirty! And I'll never forget Violet double kneefalling into us at the win!  We learned that takes a whole team to hold down one teammate...hehehe 
- Van Awesome to Rochester, Buffalo and back ( I still have the quote book!)...and all the hotel shanadagans. 
- Eating the OheeeyOOO moon with the lovely Doc Block and Jimmy Road Rage. 
- An awesome group of Fresh Bloods that just became Veterans!!! 
- Meeting ref's from all over the East while hosting WFTDA's first ever Ref clinic. 
- Coming within 4 points of beating the Gotham Wall Street Traitors...therefore giving LIRR a bigger name in the derby world!  Wow...we have come so far in one year it actually brings tears to my eyes! I love all of you ladies!

Jimmy Rage -
- Getting Empire Skate assembled, polished and spit-shined within record time. What was it, less than 2 months from the first meeting to the first whistle of the tournament?

- Speaking of, the big giant officials and captain's meeting of ESS. Me, a ref whom had nary a season under his belt and even less as a League Head Referee, was telling people whom can out-official me 10 ways to Kwanzaa how things are gonna be run for the tournament. And there was no serious discrepancies! That was... surreal, especially with me decked out in NYSE gear and not ref gear. It's not everyday when the Tournament Head Ref is also playing in a bout of said tournament.

- LIRR being chosen for the FIRST-EVER WFTDA East Region Officials Clinic.

- Earning the name Jimmy Road Rage. Unintentionally making a van full of derby girls scream for their life is hilariously morbid.

- 12/4, the men's bout. Us dude skaters are very used to tiny crowds or derby fans that really don't care about us (or worse). We were expecting very little fanfare. But when we heard LIRR skaters go batshit insane during the skater intros, we all collectively had our hearts melt from the love. Thanks, ladies. We love you just as much :)

Roxie Heartless -
- Everything about Rochester... everything! (ok, not the snow, but everything else)

- Being told that Violet and Kisses couldn't skate unless they put more clothes on in Lehigh Valley and then Kisses throwing her skirt at me from the track mid-bout freaking out because it was too constricting and she was having a skirt related panic attack (not kidding :) 
- The league pitching in to bring Ruby back from Ohio to coach the championship.

Missy Nigma -
- Becoming Missy Nigma 
-Playing in every intra-league bout this season
-All the injured girls getting back on skates
-Zombie Wheelers
-When Hardcory made the cone explode at practice!

Fresh Blood Kelly - My first ever Rebel road trip at Rochester (even the part where I locked D-Ball's sandwich in the car and she had to break in through the passenger window using a coat hanger!!)

Serial Mom - I have a lot of great memories. If I had to say one it would have to be the final win of the Thunder Cats for The champ bout.

Etta Jams -
- My engagement
- The many times I announced with Jake
- Our amazing turnout at tryouts. 
- Two derby babies being born; Anita Cookie's little girl Josephine aka Cookie Crumb and Psycho Billy and Astra Zombie's little boy, Taylor.

Thanks to all of my readers for continuing to follow our blog.  Wishing you a wonderful 2011!

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