Monday, January 21, 2013

The Return of The Three

The Roller Rebels are now in their 8th season!  From one season to the next, the league has switched on and off from having three home teams and one all star or A team, to having only an A and a B team and then back again.  Last season we had two teams; All Stars and The Rockabetty Bruisers.

This season, we have five teams!  Our A and B Teams - All Stars and Rockabetty Bruisers PLUS our three home teams; The Ladies of Laceration, The Wicked Wheelers, and The Rolling Thundercats. What does this mean for you?  You get a little bit of everything!  Root for your favorite home team and root for the Rebels when they play against other leagues. 

Personally, I'm super excited for the return of the home teams.  It's really fun and interesting to play against your teammates.  Imagine being at practice and partnering up with someone, and then taking a hit from that same person at a bout.  A real player is able to put all of their feelings aside and do what it takes to win the game.  We each know however, that it's all in good fun!

I know who I'm rooting for. Who are you rooting for? 

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