Monday, May 6, 2013

In Case You Missed It!

Well hello there!  It's been a while.  Were you all at the last bout?  If not, here's a recap for you:

On April 13th our Rock-A-Betty Bruisers hosted Ithaca’s Blue Stockings. Revelyn Sin was the first jammer to take the line for the Bruisers gaining lead jammer status however with Ithaca’s Felonious Fox right behind her, she strategically called off the jam just after scoring 2 points. By the fourth jam, things looked grim for our Bruisers as Ithaca took the lead, 19 to 3. In jam five Bruiser team captain, Dropkick Dolly, played some sweet offense by helping jammer Ermahgerd! to obtain 30 pts in one jam! Ermahgerd! forced a lead change back to the Bruisers with a score of 39 to 26. In jam 8 Bad A$$ Nat took the jammer line for the Bruisers and gained 3 points while Ithaca’s Bee Bee Gun gained 4 points leaving the score tied at 42. Ithaca would then pull ahead with two big jams from Felonious Fox & Valerie Valkyrie leaving the score in Ithaca’s favor 74 to 47. The Bruisers struggled for the remainder of the half leaving the score 120 to 60 in favor of Ithaca.

Starting the second half things were starting to look up for the Bruisers. Jammers Ermahgerd!, Revelyn Sin & PhDD racked up back to back points for Long Island catching up with a score of 76 to 132. Unfortunately, in jam 30 the Bruisers failed to field a jammer giving Ithaca an opportunity to score 15 unanswered points. During jams 11,12 and 13 the Bruisers began to rally keeping Ithaca scoreless. Jammer Bad A$$ Nat had a rally of her own putting up two big jams, but still the Bruiser’s fell short. Final Rock-A-Betty Bruisers 115 Ithaca’s Blue Stockings 190

             MVP Blocker Dropkick Dolly                    MVP Jammer Ermahgerd!                            
Bruisers Leading Scorers                                   Blue Stocking Leading Scorers
Ermahgerd!             49 points (10 jams)                Felonious Fox              55 points (10 jams)
Bad A$$ Nat             30 points (6 jams)              Sugar Blitz                  50 points (11 jams)
Revelyn Sin            25 points (15 jams)                Valerie Valkyrie            35 points (8 jams)

2013 Rock-A-Betty Bruisers
Left to right
Top Row: Captain Dropkick Dolly, Mgr Berry Boom Boom, PhDD, Ermahgerd!, Nolo Contender, Punk Sure, TNTeeny, Dolce Beata, Femme&M, Wushu Sugar, Mgr. Point N Shoot
Bottom Row: Mgr. Chest Blockwell, Nautical Vile, Bad A$$ Nat, Dandy Rough, Revelyn Sin, Account DeeRacula
Not pictured: Captain ArcHer Back, Gertie Bomb, Lil E. Von Schtupp & Neophyte Knight

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