Monday, May 20, 2013

May 11th Bout Recap

On May 11th The Long Island Roller Rebels (93) hosted The Rhode Island Riveters (91). Last year Long Island traveled up to Providence and proved to be the biggest upset of the weekend, by winning, 148-120. This season Long Island’s All Stars have had two losses and were looking for a win. The first jam did not fair well for the All Stars as ATTACKACARDIC was sent to the box for a cut track major, giving the Riveters a power play early on in the bout.  For the next 3 consecutive jams the Riveters would be held scoreless. In jam 4 Rhode Island’s Hit and Run Paulene was able to take advantage of ATTACKACARDIC’s penalty and score 23 points for her team, taking the lead back to Rhode Island 34 to 17. Long Island’s jammers, Crashtastic Cate, Veloce Villain, Attacacardic and C-Roll chipped away at the score throughout the rest of the period. In the last jam of the first period, ATTACKACARDIC took the line gaining lead jammer as her blockers Veloce Villain, Angry Penguin, Berry Boom Boom and Amaretto Sourpuss were able to hold back Rhode Island keeping them scoreless as she would put up 25 points pushing Long Island further in the lead, ending the period 88 to 55 in favor of Long Island.

 Attackacardic jumping the apex scoring 4 points before calling the jam

In the second half of the bout, Long Island kept the momentum rolling as MVP Blocker Breakneck Brie would hold tight walls with teammates Amaretto Sourpuss, Berry Boom Boom and team Captain Angry Penguin. By the sixth jam of the half, Veloce Villain would take advantage of Buzz AllDread’s back block major and break a personal record with a 32 point jam!!! This pushed Long Island even further into the lead 129 to 67! Long Island kept a very strong lead until jam 16 when Buzz AllDread would score 15pts on a power jam. It looked like Rhode Island would start to rally, but the score was still in favor of Long Island 148 to 100. In the next two jams, LI jammers, Crashtastic Cate and Veloce Villain felt the heat and would push on with a combined 33 point total, distancing themselves in the lead 184 to 108. The last jam of the night C-Roll and Buzz AllDread took the jammer line. Buzz would gain lead jammer status and gain 9 points before getting a track cut major, leaving C Roll to put up 22 points for Long Island as her teammates cheered her on giving Long Island their first win of 2013!!

Final Long Island 214 Rhode Island 121

Jammer MVPs Long Island Attackacardic  Rhode Island Buzz AllDread
Blocker MVPs  Long Island Breakneck Brie  Rhode Island Jetta Von Diesel
Long Island’s Leading Scorers                   Rhode Island’s Leading Scorers
Veloce Villain 92 points (16 jams)                Hit and Run Paulene 49 points (13 jams)
Attackacardic 64 points (18 jams)                Buzz AllDread 28 points (13 jams)
C Roll 38 points (11 jams)                            Milla Lowlife 28 points (15 jams)
Crastastic Cate 20 points (9 jams)                                         Elsie YaLater 13 points (7 jams)

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