Friday, June 20, 2008

A Run for Awareness

Hello to all of you local ladies and gentlemen!

Come join us for a rockin' event this Sunday, June 22nd at DJ Rider's Rhythms and Brews in Oceanside, NY.  The Long Island Roller Rebels are meeting up with The Mortal Skulls for their 3rd annual event to benefit  The Rose Brucia Educational Foundation - "Working to Reduce Child Abductions".  Come on down for food, beer, bikini bike washes, live music and of course to meet and greet some of The Long Island Roller Rebels themselves.  We'll have plenty of merchandise for you to score;  Shot glasses, cups, T-shirts, buttons, and stickers.  We will also have info about how you can join our league, as well as upcoming events.  See all of the details below.

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