Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Hit The Pavement

April is off to a busy, yet exciting start. We got together for our weekly Thursday practice on the 2nd. As always, it was adrenaline filled, complete with high endurance drills followed by some scrimmaging. Prior to that, the coaching committee met up to go over their agenda, which included forming teams for our home exhibition bout on May 16th as well as discussions about who the new members of our travel team might be. Friday, we took a break and Saturday, April 4th we were back in action for our travel team tryouts. Announcements were made, questions were asked, schedules were verified, drills were conducted and a travel team was formed. New skaters will soon be out and about traveling with Roller Rebel veterans up and down the East coast to bout against other leagues. More bouts mean more practicing for us, which brings me to the next item on our list, "taking it to the streets".

Finally nice weather is here and I'm hoping to be in the clear of starting off another post stating how horribly cold it is. Nice weather means more outdoor practices. A fresh change of scenery is inspiring and skating on new terrain helps work out some of the muscles that have been at rest. Starting this month, we will find ourselves at parks and outdoor rinks across Long Island and a third practice per week will be added for the members of the travel team.

As if, meetings and extra practices aren't keeping us busy enough, we've already skated in a parade this month, we'll have a scrimmage against Lehigh Valley next Saturday and our second away bout of the year, Long Island Roller Rebels vs. Jersey Shore Roller Girls will take place on Saturday, the 25th.

There's probably a lot more to come that I either haven't heard about yet, or just isn't on the schedule, but I'm ok with that, because for now, we've got our hands full!


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