Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sure Bets

On Saturday, April 25th, we, The Roller Rebels drove South to compete against the Jersey Shore Roller Girls. It was a beautiful, windy day at the shore, and the classic architecture of Asbury Park Convention Hall made the bout all the more interesting. When we got there, the track lines had been set and taped on the arena marble (at least that's what it looked like) floor. Humidity caused the floor to become wet and a crew worked hard to mop it all up for safe playing. Regularly skating on sportcourt and wood, this new surface was something the players all needed to adapt to. Nothing seems to hold the Roller Rebels down and that being the case, they quickly adjusted to the new terrain. Our travel team played hard, with some of the skaters bouting for the first time and although Jersey Shore won, the Rebels played with all of their hearts from the first jam, up until the very last. There were a few injuries, some worse than others, but unfortunately getting hurt is a risk we always take. As Head Coach of my team, I can tell you that my skaters exemplified a group of strong women, fighting and playing hard for an entire hour. No one stopped, no one whined and everyone worked above and beyond my expectations. There are usually the sure bet players, the ones you can pretty much rely on to do well, but in this case, I felt that all of the skaters were sure bets. Some of them were out there bouting for the first time, but you would never know that by watching them play. We ran into some problems, the floor becoming moist again, a couple of ejections (one for our team, one for the other), but nothing held us down. We of course would have liked to win, but giving it our all and staying strong is just as important and that's exactly how it went down on Saturday night. One last thing, I'd like to thank the Morristown Madams for showing up to support us. We love you girls!

Some more picutres from the night

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