Monday, April 27, 2009

Our Secret Weapon

It has been said that the quiet ones are the ones you had better watch out for. Such is the case with this enigmatic Roller Rebel. You won't hear her coming, but you will surely feel her presence. She skates with the grace of a swan gliding across water, rolling just inches from the ground and at times, on only one leg, yet she will surely outdo you in a beef jerky eating contest. She is a classic, feminine, beauty, possessing the silhouette of a pin up, yet she will not hesitate to knock you to the floor while she's blocking. While distracting you with her ladylike charm, she will quickly transition into the blocker/jammer you wish you didn't know. These admirable contradictions are just a part of what makes up this multi-talented roller girl. She is a former dancer, who is extremely flexible and while on skates, can easily work her body into positions most humans cannot form on foot. The Einstein of jamming, her undeniable intelligence, is just one of the many strong qualities she has that enable her to strategize the best way through the pack. Never knowing what to expect from this roller girl is what makes her the Roller Rebels' very own secret weapon. Read on to see why you may want to keep your shades closed at night and have nose plugs ready on the start line.

Derby Name: Regine Bull
Derby #: 8 seconds
Position: blocker, jammer, pivot
Worst derby injury:
ripped the skin off my knee. I was just handing out flyers at the balloon festival so I can't even brag about it. No broken bones; I drink too much milk for that.
Describe roller derby in one word: expletive
If you could invite anyone to play derby with you, who would it be?

I think any contortionist would be a pretty interesting/useful teammate. I'll take one from Cirque du Soleil
Favorite derby memory:
The road trips are what make it! All of them. Getting drafted to the Wheelers was a good moment too!
Tell me something about you that would surprise people: If I were to lose my arms, I would probably have no problem due to the extreme dexterity of my feet
Tell me something that everyone knows about you: I looooove beef jerky.

The way a real lady eats a hotdog

Always: wear all your gear even (and especially) when you think you can't get hurt.
Never: eat a burrito right before you skate...I think we've all learned that by now
A great skater: always has more to learn
Before a bout: I have terrible gas. Useful on the start line
When I am not playing derby: I am peeping into your windows

Regine Bull, top row, second from left, posing with some of teammates

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