Friday, September 4, 2009

BUSTing Out The Hits

Not long ago, one night at United Skates, a bright eyed, inquisitive, young girl showed up to try out for roller derby. Immediately she was a natural on her skates and learned the skills of derby in no time. She carried with her all 27 printed pages of the WFTDA rules at all times and went to her peers to answer some of the more difficult questions. She showed up at practice and every fundraiser and party with the enthusiasm of a kid opening birthday presents. She was determined, dedicated and intent on making roller derby part of her life on a full time basis.

Derby for her was love at first sight and she expressed this love by quickly learning her position on the track and mastering her skills. As she continued to excel at skating, she took her love further. When areas of the league were in trouble, she simply stepped up and helped out without having to be asked. Soon she was head of one of the most involved and time consuming committees, PR. She was truly committed to this new love of hers, and nothing was going to stand in the way of her and her new replationship. Before she could blink, she had become on of the league's most powerful blockers and hitters, was appointed a position on The Board of Directors, joined The Coaching Committee, was voted Captain of The Rolling Thundercats AND is also now in charge of our new Roller Rebels' hot line (631-816-0217). When The Roller Rebels realized that not only could this new skater knock down two players legally at one time, but also play several utterly important rolls behind the scenes as well, they rejoiced!!

If you haven't played against her, I will warn you now. The determination she brought with her that first night she came for try outs, has only gotten stronger! She is ready and confident in knowing that she will take down her opponents at anytime. So beware ladies, you may just be playing against a chestful of power at your next bout!

Ladies and Gents, I introduce to you, the hard hitting, super blocking, always ready to bout, powerhouse, Chest Blockwell!!

Derby Name: Chest Blockwell

Derby #: 7

Position: Blocker, pivot

Worst derby injury: Hurt rib

Describe roller derby in one word: Amazing

Chest Blockwell, center, gets ready to hit C-Roll

If you could invite anyone to play derby with you, who would it be? I think I would like to skate with Joy Collision and Dolly Rocket. of Charm City. I learn a lot from watching their bout videos on the web. They could teach me so much and they are my personal heros.

Favorite derby memory: My favorite derby memory was when we won against Hudson Valley. Everyone played amazing and the celebration was great at the end. There is a great picture of me tackling captain. It was so exciting and the league really needed it!!! Good boost.

Tell me something that everyone knows about you: I LOVE ROLLER DERBY!!

Tell me something about you that would surprise people: Believe it or not I feel bad when I hit people. But it's weird, I do like it.

Always: Skate like you're never gonna skate again.

Never: Not try your best

A great skater: Never underestimates another skater

Before a bout: I always take a 10 minute skate with Psycho Billy. He helps me get into the game and reminds me of strategies and how I should be performing.

When I am not playing derby: I am always playing derby even when I sleep lol.

Chest, waiting for that jammer to come around....poor jammer!


Rogzilla said...

Chest is also an awesome announcer!

Jack said...

She sounds awesome.

For a little added inspiration for Chest and yourself, check out the roller derby-related videos at, including this one -- -- about the “aha moment” of a young woman who credits roller derby for saving her soul.

Thanks --

Anonymous said...

one of my 2 favorite number 7's - Blockwell and old #7 - JD.

Anonymous said...

Hotta than the Sun on the 4th o' July
Big Blockin Mama, makes the other skata's cry
Go #7!!!