Thursday, October 29, 2009

Breakin it Down

You're skating along, warming up, doing your crossovers or maybe your scrimmaging grounding your footage to pump up for your next big hit, plotting your next move in the pack. Whatever it is, you're moving and the wheels under your feet are taking you places. Suddenly, without time to think or even blink, you find yourself on the ground. You stay there for a few seconds and get ready to stand back up, that's what you have always done after a hit or a knee fall or a slip. This time though, your brain is telling you to get up, but your body just isn't listening. You are sitting there thinking, it's been at least 20 seconds and I'm still sitting/laying here. What's going on? Soon you realize that you are hurt. How bad you may not know yet, but something unusual is going on and you don't like it. Then it hits you, you realize that you can't get up on your own. You need help and you are worried. The help turns out to be EMT workers who have come in response to a call from one of your teammates. In a state of pain and confusion, you go to the hospital only to hear the final diagnosis; A broken bone.

Recently, three of our Roller Rebels have dealt with this extremely unfortunate scenario. Home bound, some with young children, they find themselves in a place they never wanted to be in. Thoughts go through their heads I'm sure. What if I turned the other way, what if I landed on my knee instead, what if I changed my wheels? Injuries are not fun, and for some relying on others for help is difficult. In addition, one of their greatest outlets is now not an option. Roller derby is different things to many people. It can be fun, therapy, exercise or a place to simply let loose. It's all of those things and so much more and when that is taken away, a replacement needs to be found.

Our league President and Captain, Captain Morgan has been recovering from an injury for the entire season. Her way of dealing has been to continue to be a part of the league, taking care of her usual duties, coaching and being present at the fundraisers and bouts. Basically all of the things she had done before, minus the skating. I know it hasn't been easy for her and I know that it must not be easy for our other three hurt Rebels.

One thing that I've always known, but that now shines through more than ever before, is that I skate along side some of the most compassionate and caring groups of people. These unfortunate accidents have brought our roller family closer together and as a result, our fallen skaters have received, cards, food, car rides, flowers, phone calls, text messages and so much more, including the creation of The Cyanide Kisses/Eve L. Taco Broke Ass Roller Girl Foundation (visit us on The mission of the foundation is to acquire enough fans to help start a decent collection, so that they can help fallen roller girls all over the country. The money will help them with food shopping, errands or go towards other daily activities that they themselves are unable to do.

In addition, another fact proving itself to be true is that roller girls are strong willed and brave! Injured parties showed up at last Saturday night's bout ready to help out in any way they could. For some, fear or laziness would keep them away, but not our Roller Rebels! They were there IN uniform taking on whatever tasks they could to help out for the night.

For any of you out there who have suffered an injury, feel free to write in or comment. Let us know what your derby replacement was. Did you take up another hobby? Volunteer in other areas of derby? Your words could help others, so don't be shy! Step up and speak!

Cyanide Kisses, Eve L. Taco and Cheater Steele, we love you and wish you all a speedy recovery!!


Rogzilla said...

Best wishes to the three injured Rebels, hope you're up and rolling soon.

Is there a way for those of us who don't use Facebook to contribute to the fund?

Captain Morgan said...

I miss skating more than hurts me so much to have to come to every practice and not be able to gear up with all my fellow roller rebels...but it brings me happiness to see all my teammates getting better all the time and me helping them to understand derby along the way....i feel my injury is insignificant compared to that of broken bones...but it has cost me an entire it kills me inside...i feel when i do final get cleared to skate again i wont be the captain morgan on skates i once currently biulding my core muscles as much as i can, so the training should be a bit easier, but boy do i need to get my endurance up! Wish me luck! Thanks Etta, this was GREAT! I miss taco, cheater and kisses on skates soo much, ut one day they will be bac...this really made me think about how amazing serial mom is for having such a demaging injury in 2006, but has come back to be such a great skater and a huge part of this league...

The Long Island Roller Rebels said...

Captain, I'm so glad this post spoke to you the way that it did. Thank you for leaving your comment. We all miss you on your skates as well, but I know when you come back, you'll be better than ever!! I'm sorry for what you're going through. Thanks so much for your input I'm sure it is helpful to other injured girls out there to hear your point of view. You are someone to look up to! xoxo Etta

The Long Island Roller Rebels said...

Roger - I'm looking into it for you! Thanks for your well wishes!!