Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Family Meeting

When I hear the word meeting, I generally don't associate it with a positive feeling. I'm not sure what my reason behind this is. Maybe I relate it to work, or past jobs when having a meeting meant discussing problems or restructuring the company.

Last night, I got together with the rest of the Coaching Committee and the Recruitment Committee to have a "meeting" about the league's upcoming
tryouts. Our lovely hosts, The Skater Formally Known As Raven Madd and Mr. Madd, invited us to gather at their house where they served up some delicious home cooked food, which included special vegetarian dishes. One, a hot pasta/bean combination so good, carnivores would consider crossing over. We sat in a circle like a class of kindergarten kids, as we discussed the plans and organized the details for November 17th. Each of our separate minds melted together to formulate which ideas would work out best. We got the job done.

In the midst of our congregation, we laughed. We laughed a lot. Just like kindergarten kids do. The kind of big belly laughs that make milk come out of their noses. I looked around the room at our group, our family, and thought to myself, I like meetings.

Roller derby or at least The Long Island Roller Rebels as I know them, allowed me last night and so many other nights, to change my negative feelings about something, into positives. Just one more reason for you to come to
tryouts! Maybe some of your negatives will be turned around too.


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