Sunday, November 15, 2009

What aBOUT!

Last night I had the pleasure of co-announcing with Jake, for the second time, as The Long Island Roller Rebels welcomed Florida's Molly Roger Roller Girls onto their home turf, for some fast-skating, hard-hitting, action-packed roller derby.

Girls on both teams aggressively hit and leaned, from the very first jam and continued to do so for every jam thereafter. The score was extremely close, up until the end of the last period, when Amaretto Sourpuss and C-Roll racked in the rest of the points, putting The Long Island Roller Rebels in the lead and taking them to victory with a final score of 148-126.

The jamming performed by Sourpuss and C-Roll was beyond top notch. At one point C-Roll jumped over two fallen roller girls, made her way around the track and proceeded to jump over yet another fallen girl, each time landing on her wheels. I guess all of the mountain boarding has paid off! The two passed the packs so many times, I lost count! Though victorious, they were put up against the challenge. The Molly Roger Roller Girls did not back down at any point. They were aggressive and solid. One jammer, Bash and Cari, played what seemed to be every other jam and at some points, back to back jams. She was a speeding bullet and at most times untouchable. She made it through the packs past some strong blockers, all the while keeping one of the lowest stances I've seen. What an incredible player!

The bout was a success bringing in hundreds of screaming, cheering fans who kept the girls going when they were feeling fatigued. I'm not sure if I've ever heard our fans cheer so loud!

This being our annual charity bout and last home bout of the season, made it all the more special. We had several charities who came to set up tables and though I didn't have a chance to check in with them, I'm sure by the number of people in our audience, they were able to get a good amount of donations. To learn more about the charities for which this bout was held, click on their names below to visit their websites.

Habitat for Humanity

North Fork Breast Health Coalition (NFBHC)

New Ground

Suffolk County United Veterans Project

Thanks to everyone who came out to support us last night! We can't wait to see you all again next season!


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