Sunday, December 20, 2009

Holiday Party Recap

Last year snow came down like crazy on the night of the Roller Rebels holiday party. I remember leaving the event and slipping and falling on the ice! This year it was much colder than last and there was even more snow on our special night. I would like to give you all a full report on the party, but truth be told, I was stuck on the train with my man for a good part of the evening. When we did finally arrive at the gala, there were actually a lot of people there. Goes to show you that the Rebels always pull through to keep the derby family together. Roller girls trekked through a blizzard and waited patiently on stopped trains heading east and west due to police activity on the tracks, just to make it to a place where we could all celebrate the past season together.

The food was great and the drinks cold. After some music, we had our annual awards ceremony. Captain Morgan and Butterscotch Cripple took over the mic and delivered speeches, both funny and touching, as they awarded the winning players with custom made necklaces, courtesy of Heidi Hoe Bag. As per usual, she created unique awards. This year the lucky winners recieved a bearing necklace, painted pink with the league name on it. The bearing was put in a cute little box labeled for the award. Thankfully, we can always count on Heidi to come up with something creative.
Congratulations to our winners:
Wicked Wheelers

MVP ~ Amaretto Sourpuss
Best Jammer ~ Amaretto Sourpuss
Best Pivot ~ MadDonna
Best Blocker ~ MadDonna & Ninja Starr
Most Improved Player ~ Hard Cory

Rolling Thundercats

MVP ~ C-Roll
Best Jammer ~ C-Roll
Best Pivot ~ Cyanide Kisses
Best Blocker ~ Chest Blockwell
Most Improved Player ~ Mean Frostine

Ladies of Laceration

MVP ~ Violet Knockout
Best Jammer ~ Etta Jams
Best Pivot ~ Eve L. Taco
Best Blocker ~ Violet Knockout
Most Improved Player ~ Tripsy Rose Lee

LIRR Awards

Unsung Hero ~ Eve L. Taco
Best Booty Shorts ~ Violet Knockout
Hottest MILF ~ Cyanide Kisses
Smelliest Pads ~ Chest Blockwell
Most Valuable Support Staff ~ Captain Morgan, Heidi Hoe-Bag & Number 2
Most Reliable Ref ~ Psycho Billy

Though the night (for me) was short, it was a good time and a perfect end to a successful year for our league. Here are some pictures.....

Have a wonderful holiday everyone!

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