Sunday, December 21, 2008

And the Award Goes To.....

Friday morning, I woke up and looked out my living room window to find snow coming down and coming down fast. Within minutes after it started, everything was white. The inches piled up. A 6 mile drive took Sleeping Booty 2 hours. Cars were swerving and people were not leaving home unless it was absolutely necessary. A winter storm had hit. The snow continued all day long and just when it looked like it was about to stop, it turned to freezing rain. Not the best traveling conditions, but that didn't stop us from having an amazing Roller Rebel holiday party. We made it to the bar (which was quite far for some) and even though some of us fell on the ice (me), we made it home too. As always, Chest Blockwell did an amazing job organizing the party. I don't know how she does it, but every event continues to be a success. We pretty much filled up the bar and whatever room was left was taken up by the trays of delicious food and a cake that blew my mind. Everyone chipped in to cook, bake and bring something for all to share. My favorite was the vegan coconut tofu rice. Fresh Blood Mary Kate's cake was a work of art and reminded me of something you would see the crew on Ace Of Cakes make. I'm still talking about that cake three days later.

Snarls did a great job with the music and we all had fun dancing to The Beatles at the end of the night. I have to say though, the most creative works of art were the awards that Heidi Hoe Bag made. The thought and time that went into them definitely shows through. She captured the best pictures of the winners so even though the designs were all the same, each award had it's own character. Jake as always, made us all laugh when announcing the winners and Jefferee added to the festivities by dressing as Santa when giving out the awards. I myself did not realize that it was him in suit until someone told me!
I wanted to say thanks to Roy and Mike of The Buzzards for coming down and celebrating with us. We'll see you guys on New Year's Eve! And last but definitely not least, a very special thanks also to Fango Chris, who never, ever misses a bout or event and always helps us out.

And the winners are........................................

Best Jammer - A tie between Amaretto Sourpuss and C-Roll

Best Blocker - Captain Morgan

Best Pivot - MadDonna

Hardest Hitter - D-Ball

Most Valuable Player - Cyanide Kisses

Rookie of the Year - Chest Blockwell

Most Improved Player- Eve L. Taco

Best Derby Name - Sofonda Dix

Unsung Hero - Announcer Jake

Cleanest Player - Etta Jams (Thanks to everyone who voted for me!!!) Check out Heidi's award: Hmmmm that Sofonda girl looks an awful lot like Carnage Electra. Maybe I'm still hungover :-)

Here are a few more pictures...

I hope everyone had as much fun as I did!! See you all in the new year.

Warm Holiday Wishes,



sleeping booty said...

yeah that drive and yeah that coconut rice were both ridiculous!
my drive in a bad way, but that rice in an AMAZING way. i havent used my oven yet in 2008, but i might ring out (?) the new year making some of that.

do you need an oven for rice? anyone?

Jacob Stebel said...

Thank you for the wonderful write-up (as always!) In addition to being "Cleanest Player" and unofficially "Most Photogenic" (which I was too drunk to remember if i'd mentioned or not; I completely intended to!) you do so much for the league with your positivity, these blogs, and your exponentially-growing skill as a skater! I <3 you, Etta!

The Long Island Roller Rebels said...

Well Booty, I'm thinking that if you don't have a rice cooker, then an oven is needed!
Jake, a hundred thank yous to YOU!!