Saturday, December 6, 2008

Fresh Blood Madness!!

Fresh Meat, Fresh Bloods, Rookies, Freshies, Newbies, New Recruits, call them what you want, but not for long cuz' these girls have a drive and a desire to lose those labels and lose them fast! With the large amount of enthusiastic Fresh Bloods currently with the league, I have become inspired to devote a week's worth of blog time to them. I remember when it all started for me. The yearning to be constantly immersed in all things derby. Practicing, learning new skills, meeting new league members, and one of the most difficult derby tasks, choosing a name. This week, I will be featuring various Fresh Blood related posts. Lots of derby questions will be answered. So all of you stay tuned because there are always new things to be learned, even for us veterans.

I'd like to start out today with a post written by one of our most determined "Freshies". I think she truly expresses the way many of us feel/felt as a new girl. I hope you all enjoy reading it as much as I did.
A View From The Other Side

A lovely thanks to Miss Etta Jams for the wonderful blogs she has been writing. I'd like to take a minute, just sit right there and tell you how I became.....oh you thought I was doing the theme song to Fresh Prince? No, but I'd like to share with you how I became a fresh blood for the Roller Rebels. I actually found out about the league from my cousin, whom is friends with Roller Rebel Sleeping Booty. When I showed up at open house, I have never felt so welcomed into a room than I have that day.

And then it all began. I met some great girls. I met veteran Rebels and and a ton of new "Freshies" whom I have to say, have the same drive I have. Who knew that I would get back on quads and participate in this athletic, exciting, exhausting, yet adrenaline-filled sport.

I truly blame the veterans for giving off this great vibe....a vibe of "you can do it" and we are here to have fun and play the game. I think I speak for the rest of the freshies when I say you know you are addicted when you eat, sleep and dream derby, constantly jumping out of your skin awaiting Tuesday and Thursday practices. (which I say can be brutal at times....I love it!!), checking the Yahoo! Group as much as you check Myspace and Facebook and sighing when the clock hits 11pm and practice is over.

Nothing is more exciting than attending a bout, whether as a spectator or volunteer (Freshies can't bout unless they pass their written and skills tests) and watching the girls skate their hearts out. I know us Freshies are dying to get out there.

Everyone joins derby for a different reason. Some purely like the sport, for others, like me, it's my balance. It makes me feel good that I am doing something positive and committed to something so unique, and at the same time, making some great friends along the way.

So I hope this true story, from the Freshie point of view, hits home as it has for me.

Fresh Blood Kat

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