Friday, December 26, 2008

Survey Says

I hope everyone had a great holiday! It was nice to take a break from work and daily routines and spend time with my family. How about all of you? Did anyone get a derby related gift that they would like to share? I'd love to see. Send me some pics! If you don't have my email already, here it is:

I follow some other blogs, Roller Derby Disorder being one of them. I read an entry on there the other day and because of it's importance, decided to re-post it here for all of you. The entry was regarding a survey that was initially posted on the Roller Girls Yahoo! Boards, which I really should be reading more often.....ahhh if only there was more time in a day. I completed the survey and it only took about five minutes, maybe even less. The survey is mainly for skaters who have bouted or at the least scrimmaged. Who knows if this really will be helpful to us in the future, but it doesn't hurt to give it a shot. Here it is:

Injury Experience in Roller Derby Athletes

Attention Roller Derby Girls!Roller Derby is moving fast! Media exposure is expanding.

The next step is medical research! Sports medicine doctors at the University of Utah are studying Roller Derby injuries. By studying how athletes get hurt, they hope to figure out how to prevent future injuries and keep Derby Girls safely rolling.

Everyone's experience is important. Be heard by helping with this nationwide study. Follow the link below to answer some questions.Even if you haven't been injured, please fill out the survey. It will only take five or ten minutes, and we aren't collecting any names. We will collect your year of birth, insurance status, and description of non-Derby and Derby related injuries.

Your information is safe and will only be used for this research project. All data will be password-protected on a University website and database. However, with everything there may be risk- a potential risk may be loss of confidentiality. There is no reward for completing the survey; but, everyone's experience is important! Be heard by helping with this nationwide study.

Do you have any Roller Derby friends that didn't get this link? Please send this link to them – we don't want to miss anybody!

If you have any questions, concerns, or complaints or if you feel you have been harmed by this research please contact Dutch Plante(Research Coordinator, Division of PM&R, University of Utah) at 801585 6998.Contact the Institutional Review Board (IRB) if you have questions regarding your rights as a research participant. Also, contact the IRBif you have questions, complaints or concerns which you do not feel you can discuss with the investigator. The University of Utah IRB maybe reached by phone at (801) 581-3655 or by e-mail at

Participation in this study is voluntary. You can choose not to take part and you can also choose not to finish the questionnaire or omit any question you prefer not to answer without penalty or loss of benefits.By completing this questionnaire at the below listed web link, you are giving your consent to participate.
Thank you for your participation,

Ethan Colliver, D.O.
Stuart Willick, M.D.
University of Utah

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Anonymous said...

I really like learning how they wish to study about Roller Derby injuries and possible ways to help prevent them or even heal/recover. I think this could def help keep girls in Derby who have been hurt before. I'm sure I've also scared the survey people by listing my injuries that I've received from Horseback riding lol.

-FB Mary Kate