Monday, December 15, 2008

New Practice Video

I had the greatest time writing the Fresh Blood Madness posts over the past week.  I really loved having other people become an interactive part of the blog and can see more posts like the Q&A ones coming up again in the future.  Thanks to everyone who took time out to contribute, even if it was leaving a simple comment about what was written.  I'd really love some more feedback. What did you all think about it?  Did anyone learn something new?  Did you all like the fact that other people were involved with the blog?  Let me know!  

While I was wrapped up in FBville the past week, a really cool video was released. came down to one of our practices to video tape us in action. MyLITV is a Long Island video station online. They shoot videos on various subjects including sports, movies and entertainment. Visit the website and check out the videos in their vast library. One is sure to interest you.  Of course this one is my favorite ;-)


1 comment:

sleeping booty said...

ohhhh you guys look awesome! and i'm sooo happy i wasnt there- too camera shy!
men everywhere are gonna be dizzy from all those legs! (um, and women d-ball!)