Sunday, December 14, 2008

Seven Days of Freshness

So Fresh Bloods, the week of blogs will now be coming to a close. I'm hoping that you have all enjoyed this mini dedication and that you were all able to learn a little bit from it. Don't let this be the only time you ask questions. Keep them coming! Captain Morgan will tell you first hand that I asked a ton of questions when I started. I also wanted to say that I actually learned some things from this week's posts and hopefully some of you readers out there did as well. Since I started off the Fresh Blood (FB) blog week with a contribution from a Freshie, I thought it would be nice to end it off the same way. Below, FB Maryann, another determined and extremely enthusiastic Freshie, shares her derby story with us. Thanks Maryann!!I fell into derby in an unexpected place, through someone that isn’t even American! I was interpreting at a Deaf-Blind camp and met a fellow interpreter who had just joined one of the Canadian teams. When she said she was on a “derby” team… I honestly didn’t have a clue what she was talking about! She didn’t know that there was a L.I. team – so she hooked me up with her friend on the Gotham team.

Within a month I was in contact with Cyanide Kisses (one of the veteran skaters) and her initial email left me with a positive feeling. Since then, that feeling has grown into a love for the sport. I HATE EXERCISE….and I mean that with a passion! Roller Derby is obviously exercise – but it's not to lose weight (which happens naturally) it’s to be apart of a team, made up entirely of woman, who support and take care of each other. When I first started practice they would take us “freshies” in the corner and focus on teaching us the basics. Now in their off season, the whole practice is dedicated to helping us become as well trained as the veterans. It’s awesome!

I never joined a sorority because of all the catty women involved (that’s just my opinion of sororities) However, I always loved the “family” aspect of a sorority…I was just afraid if I joined one I would end up hurting one of those princesses…with derby you have specific rules like ‘no douche bags’ or ‘drama’ queens!

I’m not sure if I found derby or if it found me…but I belong to my derby family, and whether it be a fellow fresh blood sister or veteran skater, I feel the support and constant push to become the best player I can be. I know that sounds like a commercial – but the truth is – I finally found my family away from home...and this is only the beginning!

Maryann FB

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