Monday, December 29, 2008

A Prescription From The Doc

In my last post I asked if anyone had received derby themed gifts for Christmas and if so to email me. I wasn't expecting much more than a few words ("this is what I got for xmas") and a picture, which would have been just fine. I'm always happy when people respond to my posts, but sometimes I am pleasantly surprised by something unique, extremely well written, and special. And in addition, awestruck by the overwhelming emotions that derby brings out in people. This is one of those times. When I read this email from my fellow derby girl, whom I love to skate with, my heart welled up and my grin was at it's widest! If you play derby with a team you love, you will be able to relate to this entry. Doc Block, thank you SO much for this contribution. I wish you could have seen my face light up when I read it. I hope this inspires more people to contribute something to this blog and for my friends and family to buy me derby gifts like these!! Nice score Doc!

Letter to the Ettator

Skate don't hate. Words to live by, to be sure, improbably emblazoned on a ceramic coaster. Six months ago I could have never predicted that there was a market for such a singular item and that astoundingly that market would be me. After months of shaking their heads and meeting behind closed doors to discuss whether or not I had indeed gone crazy this time, my gorgeous family conspired to produce Doc Block's 2008 Very Derby Christmas. From highly coveted new skates to knee socks; the useful to the just plain weird. I laughed my way through Christmas morning and appreciated my family's support and collective sense of humor. Which brings me to my new family...
Six months ago I also could never have imagined having the women (and men) of the LIRR in my life. No matter where derby takes me, I will always, always love them for the way they welcomed me in and allowed me to search for my own limitations even though I might not have been the most likely of recruits. Since the very first practice I've been amazed by their generosity to each other and commitment to the sport. (they're also some of the most entertaining people to be around) I hope in 2009 everyone stays healthy and injury free (Are you listening D-Ball?) , and we continue to push each other to achieve what we didn't even know we could. Veteran, fresh bloods, support and coaches all have one thing in common..They f-ing ROCK! Oh and the coaster is actually a pretty good place to put my coffee.

Doc Block
Here's a pic of some of my favorite derby loot!

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