Thursday, December 11, 2008

What's in a Name?

As tough as the sport of roller derby is, I have to say that one of the most difficult things about it is coming up with a derby alias for yourself. Once you pass your skills tests (written and physical), you become eligible to choose your new name. Your roller derby name. To some, this is a reinvention of self, while for others, this is an extension of who they already are. Either way, choosing a derby name takes time and creative thinking. Some are naturals when it comes to thinking up catchy names and in no time they have a list of multiple names and can't decide which one to choose. To make this new decision even more difficult, once you decide on a name you must check to see if it has already been taken by another skater. There is an international name roster with over 15,000 registered roller derby names on it. Yes, international! You are not able to pick a name that someone else has already chosen, no matter how far away they live from you. In some cases, your name can't even be similar to one that has already been taken. If it is, that player is usually emailed and asked if it would be ok for the new skater to choose a name close to theirs and sometimes they will say no! Another thing to keep in mind when choosing a name is that it will usually be shortened by your fellow league members. So make sure you will like to be called by your new nick name. Let me give you an example. When I was thinking about a name for myself, I thought Shrimp Roll (because I'm small) was cute. What I didn't like though was that I knew everyone would be calling me Shrimp which I didn't want. So I forgot about Shrimp Roll. Oh and be forewarned, once you have a name picked out, you're gonna want to put it on the back of every shirt! So to answer a question from Fresh Blood Cheryl, "How did you come up with your derby names"?, I choose Veterans Tail Gunner Flo and Amaretto Sourpuss to tell us how they came up with names for themselves.

Tail Gunner Flo answers: After weeks of searching and racking my brain, my name came together like a fine orchestrated symphony! I was new to the league and the Mortal Skulls were having a fundraiser. Ms. Blockwell suggested we set up a table and get the Rebels some publicity. I arrived not knowing what to expect but when these bikers flooded the parking lot I was a bit intimidated, but over some drinks and fantastic company, that feeling disappeared. As the day went on we proceeded inside for some singing and dancing. Then I saw this man make his way to the stage. He sang House of The Rising Sun and it was amazing! I read his jacket and he was a tail gunner from the motorcycle club. So I was like, that's it!! That's my name, Gunner!! After some collaborating with Ms. Etta, Kosher, and FB Mary, I decided on Tail Gunner Flo. I said, "I'm gonna be a tail gunner"! Then I did some research to come up with my number which is B52 a model # of the strato-fortress where tail gunners hung out! The rest is history.

Amaretto Sourpuss answers: I gotta say it took me 6 months to settle on my name but it was the first name I came up with. I wanted it to be related to booze cause I'm a boozer ha ha and I wanted something Italian. Since Amaretto is Italian and Amaretto Sours is a drink, I thought that would be perfect! Sourpuss is just a downer ha ha!


Gigi said...

It really is hard, the first name I chose was Reignbo Smite but somewhere out west there is a Rainbow Fight and Capt Morgan suggested I write to her and see how she felt since they were similar and let me tell you she was a jerk. She said "Go ahead take it and I'll come and kick your ass". So I figured it would be easier to just alter my real life name so Gigi became Gigi L'Gore.
Good Luck I try to think of some and I usually think they are awesome but right now of course I can't think of any....WAIT!!! I like this one

Bea A. Fraid


The Long Island Roller Rebels said...

Bea A. Fraid is brilliant!!