Sunday, March 7, 2010

Groovin' On A Sunday Afternoon

What wonderful weather we had today! My boyfriend and I both woke up feeling sick with head congestion, sneezing, etc. We canceled our plans and decided that we would rest all day. He stepped out to pick up some cold medicine and when he got back, informed me of the warm beautiful weather. We decided that the sun might make us both feel better so we gathered up our skates and took a drive to Eisenhower Park for some skating.
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As soon as we got there, I had the most pleasant flashbacks of summer practice with the Rebels. Skating together and performing drills around the circular, cement rink and then up and down the trail around the park, followed by a well deserved burrito at Chipotle (one of our sponsors) with the girls.

Once the weather warms up, we plan outdoor practices and put our wheels to the pavement. This is great for so many reasons. First, being able to practice outside and getting to enjoy the fresh air and warmth at the same time is just such a nice bonus. Second, skating outdoors REALLY works your muscles so much harder than skating indoors. It's a great way to challenge yourself and improve your stamina because the pavement isn't as smooth and there are hills, inclines and unexpected obstacles everywhere. I had forgotten all about that until today! Whoa are my thighs gonna be hurting tomorrow. And third, it's FREE!! Being there today reminded me that I have skating in the park to look forward to and well, summer just can't come soon enough.

My boyfriend effortlessly skated the trail - up, down, flipping backward and then forward with such ease. Jumping, sprinting, you name it he did it, and did it well. He also somehow avoided each and every rock, pebble and stick without ever looking at the ground. Let me add that he did this all while wearing dance skates, untied, with small worn out indoor wheels. I kept up as far as speed, but shamelessly admit that my footwork simply could not compare to his. Time to have him teach me some moves again!!

Anyway, I suggest you all get out there. Strap on your skates and gear and work those wheels!! You'll be so happy you did.

- Etta

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