Wednesday, March 3, 2010

WIDE awake

Most nights after practice, I'm so hyped up. I hear this from most of the girls. Some are exhausted and just want to go to bed, but a lot of us are wide awake and filled with good spirit and inspiration. This is what happens when you've got endorphins running wild and have just finished working on something you're truly passionate about.

It was a long practice tonight at United Skates. The new girls were there to take their skills test and once we were all done, my head was spinning!! Still, I can say with all honesty that I loved every minute of it.

As I sit here at 2:00AM writing this, I am thinking about all of the girls who took the test tonight. The determination on some of their faces, the improvement in skills that some demonstrated and the bit of nervousness that they all shared. I am very excited for those who passed and for those who did not, I look forward to their next time up at bat. I know they will continue to strive and prove that they can do it!!

Great job tonight ladies.....that includes all of the coaches and veterans who helped out.

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