Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Let the Drafting Begin!!

Hello Roller Rebel Fans!!

This is a very exciting time for the Rebels! Tonight, our latest group of Fresh Bloods will be taking their physical skills test. After that, all passing players will be placed on one of our three teams; The Wicked Wheelers, The Ladies of Laceration and The Rolling Thundercats. In addition, most of our vets will be placed into the draft and it's possible that they will be placed on a team that they did not play for last season. It's bittersweet I suppose. On one hand, it's exciting to see what the new girls are made of but at the same time, some veterans will need to make a switch. But in the end, we're all Roller Rebels and we all root for each other.

Stay tuned to learn about the brand new home team rosters for 2010!!

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