Tuesday, June 29, 2010

If You Didn't Play Roller Derby....

On the show Inside The Actor's Studio, the host David Lipton always asks the actors he is interviewing this question: "What profession other than yours would you like to attempt"? If it's a truly talented actor, I find it very interesting to hear what they have to say because it seems that acting was what they were meant to do and their true passion.

I got to thinking about this in relation to roller derby. If I didn't play roller derby, which other sport would I play? Which sports would my teammates play? Would they continue to exercise on their own?

As a kid and teen I took dance lessons....tap, jazz and ballet and of course, I roller skated. I have such a strong love for skating in general and being part of a team has brought me an immeasurable amount of joy, but I do have another athletic passion and that is running. It differs from playing derby in so many ways, but the one that stands out to me the most is that I don't run with other people. I run alone. I like having this to myself. It's my time, my thing and it helps me accomplish things other than staying fit, such as coming up with new blog posts (this one came to me during today's run). I've been running for many, many years and am proud to have a 1/2 marathon under my belt. Because I occasionally like to swim and bike, I've contemplated tri and biathlons over the years, but have yet to compete.

There one other sport that I've had interest in trying and that is soccer. I played a bit when I was in elementary school and somehow over all of these years, the rush of it has stayed with me.

Knowing all of this about myself, I was curious to see what other sports my league had interest in. And so to my league, I posed the question, "If you didn't play roller derby, what other sport would you play"? I was very impressed to hear that many of our girls already play or have already played other sports (I knew only of one or two who did). I suppose I didn't contemplate this being the outcome because I only had myself to compare it to. I've listed everyone's (who responded) answers below and think you will enjoy reading them as much as I did. Our league consists of some very ambitious and physically driven individuals and the responses varied quite a bit. I suppose that's why as a league we are so strong. Here are the responses:

Nixon Kutz - One or all of the three S’s surfing, scuba or sailing!

A.Lee.S - I played and coached lacrosse for 16 years and still play now, for a club team on Long Island (thanks to Smurf!!!) I also played basketball for 6, field hockey for 4, and soccer and softball for 2 years. I can't remember a time when I didn't play sports!

Jenny Bangs! - Soccer and ballroom dance (actually a sport). My sister played soccer as a kid and I was fascinated by her foot work! Ballroom dancing just looks so passionate and precise. Maybe Sour Swayze will teach me someday!

Carnage Electra - I had a friend who was a ballroom dancer - she had these crazy super tight custom shoes. I'd love to do that too. If it wasn't for derby, I'd totally be a surfer.

Maddonna - I was never on any sports team...but I really like playing soccer. But if I didn't play roller derby I'd probably be a competitive eater.

Hardcory - I am a competitive eater, at every meal. I've played soccer through college and was looking for teams to play on, before i started playing roller derby. I also really love playing football, but no one ever wants to play

Ragin Sage - I've never played another team sport but I love snowboarding and triathlons.

Whiskey Lullabye - I've played soccer my whole life, went to college on an athletic scholarship, I also play softball, ice hockey, kickboxing and I played Women's Professional Tackle football for 1 season till I tore my ACL...the rush of football was awesome! Hardcory, I will totally play football w/ you!!

St. Zombie's Fire - badminton was on the varsity team also hiking

Vesper Marytini - I was on the Varsity Track team in high school -- loved sprinting. Speed was my specialty. If I could play a sport besides roller derby, I third what Jenny Bangs! said. Ballroom dancing is one of the four I'd prefer. I love the grace of ballroom dancing. The sway of the hips, the body contact, the closeness, the endurance of a dancer = sexiness.
I also enjoyed playing goalie and offense for European Handball. If only we played the sport here really. (I learned the rules and how to play different sports in Phys Ed. I paid attention. lol)
I'm also an avid football fan. (football as in Soccer. haha) My preferred position again as goalie because you need to be always on your guard. Fast reflexes and keen intuition. :) You also have the chance to observe the strengths and weaknesses of the opposing team.
Lastly if there's a sport I haven't tried my hand at yet, and I've tried many, I want to try to play squash. I knew someone who played it professionally, and my curiosity has the best of me. I guess I was European in another life.

J-Bone - Extreme longboarding, kayaking (ocean and white water!!!), tai-chi, yoga, mountain climbing, expeditioning.....and I will hike the Appalachian Trail in my lifetime!!! I probably have more but can't think of any at the moment.

Captain Morgan - I've grown up a softball player and bowler, but I've always loved volleyball. Its a lot of fun, and never seemed as competitive, well to me anyway....just fun!

Jimmy Rage - Bowling, bowling, bowling. I've been in a league since I've been old enough to throw a ball down an alley until right before I evacuated High School.

Ninja Starr - I would definitely still be in martial arts. As a black belt in 4 styles (aikido, ishinryu, kabuto and jujitsu) i absolutely love the strength, confidence and security i have to approach any situation with my head on straight. I was on the diving team during my high school summer years so i would probably be involved in swimming and diving somehow too

Smurfetish - If I wasn't skating, I would definitely be playing on one of those beach volleyball leagues. I always loved it. And I would say racquetball, too. But if you are talking about passion, I have to agree with ballroom dancing. I wish I stayed with dance and found it when I was younger. I think it's the sickest thing ever.

Psycho Billy - I've played Basketball, Soccer, Track and Field and practiced Southern Shaolin Kung Fu for ten years! I'd also take up Sky Diving!

Missy Nigma - I did competitive and synchronized swimming for 10 years of my life. I wish i kept up with that. I never played other sports i had no coordination. I always wanted to learn to break dance!!!! But yeah id also be on maddona and hardcory's competitive eating league!!

Serial Mom - I played a little field hockey and track/field in school. If it wasn't for derby I would be interested in biking, triathlons, dance, and martial arts. Maybe ice hockey.

Amaretto Sourpuss - I would continue with competitive ax throwing and maybe try biathlon...and just for jenny bangs id learn the water lift.

Jamaican Kush - If it wasn't for derby being on the same nights I would be playing ice broomball (so fun). In high school I was a track and cross country captain, I was a running junkie so I'd be running various distances and maybe making an attempt at a decent marathon time. I was really into swimming so I'd probably get back into that, try a triathlon, do some rock climbing. The one thing I have no experience in is martial arts, I would love to learn muai thai! Remember all the other sports you play are great cross training for derby! ;)

Roxie Heartless - I used to play all sorts of sports (soccer, softball, ultimate frisbee), but mostly I'd probably hike, run, bike. I had also considered doing karate again (I did it for a few years when I was younger) right before I started doing derby. Clearly derby won.

Doc Block - I never really played sports - I just played. When I was a teenager I built canoes and was a solo freestyle paddler ( there is such a thing!) I kayaked flat and white water. Windsurfing, sailing, snorkeling, hiking, skiing, non-tandem skydiving, and some ill-fated hang gliding, ...if it looks like fun, I have to try it. Without derby, I wouldn't have anyone to play with me.

AEnemy of Daylight - I dance ballet But I also played soccer, basketball, softball & was a cheerleader [yup...I said it!]

Cherri PISTOL - Softball my whole life.

Punky Boobster - Kick ball. Seriously, there are some adult competitive kick ball leagues where I grew up.

Fantasmic - When I was 8 I bowed in a league until the end of high school. In high school I was on Volleyball and Softball and was looking at if there are any amateur volleyball leagues on LI that I could join. I miss Volleyball! I also really love ballroom dancing. My high school had a few classes for it and it was amazing! If there was a show called "Dancing with normal people," I would be all over that!

Miss Murderheart - When i was young i played softball for 7 years, i was a cheerleader for 3 years (and i had so much fun doing it), i was on the badminton team in high school with my boyfriend at the time, took bowling and tennis classes in college, and during my hiatus from derby.. i was taking kickboxing classes. other than that, i'll do anything that involves water... swimming, tubing, kayaking... i've never gone surfing but i would love to try.

Violet KnockOut - I was a gymnast for over 10 years, I played travel soccer and basketball but always got in trouble for tackling or being too aggressive in team sports. My parents pretty much kept me out of any sport that would provide me with a weapon (bat, stick, etc.), I was a cheerleader in high school and could tumble even after knee and ankle surgeries.......I'd probably be on a soccer team, which was what I was looking into as I stumbled upon derby. I pretty much exel and enjoy any competitive sport, whether it be team or individual. I am comfortable as an athlete and picked up anything fairly quickly when I was young, I am pretty fortunate to have that. I would love to do some fitness modeling competitions, just because it fascinates me what you can do with your body with the right diet and exercise. I would also love to complete a triathlon or possibly an Ironman. But that's like a full time job.

Thank you so much to everyone who responded. I love learning more about the league and I think this was a fun topic. Hope you all enjoyed reading!

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