Tuesday, July 20, 2010

25 Random Facts

Ok, everyone. I know you've all been waiting for round two of the 25 Random Facts post and here it finally is! Today check out some personal info about skater and ref Jimmy Rage...........1. I've driven the Port Jeff Ferry once

2. I don't have any ink or piercings (and I don't intend to get any, stop pestering me)

3. I play for the New York Shock Exchange

4. I have a pair of glasses specifically for playing in and they're held together by duct tape (I refuse to wear contacts and I don't want to have LASIK performed)
5. I love Old People Cars - Cadillacs, 1980s Mercedes, etc. ESPECIALLY Cadillacs.

6. My ritual before skating - listen to Led Zeppelin. Obvious but true, were you expecting ABBA?

7. I tried learning the Bass Guitar, that didn't work out. It was a better option than getting a drum set though.

8. I obsess about cars so much that I have an uncanny ability to rattle off the make and rough model year estimate of whatever passenger car passes by me, even if it's for a second. It really irritates people in the car :)

9. I also have a nasty habit of forming math equations based off of road signs (i.e. 495: 4-9=5 [if using non-negative integers], 110: 1-1=0, etc.). That REALLY irritates people in the car.

10. I went to college in Rhode Island and Rochester, NY. Rhode Island was way cooler, though upstate NY had the best BBQ I've ever had.

11. I can drive stick. I'm not great at it but it's come in handy sometimes.

12. Anime fans creep me out. I should know, I used to really be into that stuff.

13. I've been to England once. It's like America except smaller and with much better public transportation.

14. Haven't broken a bone in my entire life. Let's keep it that way, thanks.

15. I don't own a car. I live on Long Island. Yes, it sucks.

16. Don't ask me what my favorite Zeppelin song is, all I'll do is give you conflicting answers.

17. My favorite books are in the Comic Book section followed by the Personal Finance section.

18. I absolutely love racing games, both arcade and racing sims. The Wipeout and Forza series are my favorites (Gran Turismo is awesome but it's been way too long since the last one came out)

19. My uncle was on the engineering build team for the Apollo Program's Lunar Module during the Space Race. I've seen the blueprints and held pieces of it (or at least pieces of unused parts) in my bare hands.

20. I'm absolutely fascinated by Chernobyl. It's very, very high on my "places to go before I die" list.

21. I've met two Mythbusters. One of them, two times.22. I used to be a giant fan of Dance Dance Revolution to the point where I plopped down $500 for two sets of hard dancing pads (I still got one of them)

23. I've been bowling for as long as I've been able to throw a bowling ball, my average is 165 last I checked. Yet I still can't curve the damn thing.

24. I was in Boy Scouts for as long as you could legally be a Boy Scout. I didn't make it to Eagle but it was a great 12 years of lighting everything I possibly could on fire.

25. I've met Steve Wozniak and had him sign my IBM Thinkpad. I still own that laptop.

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