This talented skater has been with the Roller Rebels since April of 2009.  She has skated with the All Stars for 5 seasons and has been a Wicked Wheeler for 3 seasons. Not afraid to go all out, she is the first in our league to have had a full on marriage ceremony with her derby wife.  She bounced back quickly from a serious derby sustained injury and has the most unique and contagious laugh you'll ever hear!

Ladies and Gentlemen, please wish a very happy birthday to this wonderful skater, Hardcory!

1.    I Had the Chicken Pox twice

2.     My father came up with my roller derby name

3.     I am the most competitive person alive. (Ask anyone who has done relay races with me)

4.     I come from a family of Intense Sand Castle Builders

5.     I have an intense leggings/spandex wardrobe collection

6.     I am a Swimwear Designer
7.     I Have been banned from an 80’s night over an Eddie Money dispute

8.     I have Dreams of swimming with Great White sharks

9.     My Favorite Animal is the fox

10.  I Own every James Bond movie on DVD

11.  I Was once catapulted off a see-saw… (did not end well)

12.  I have an Irrational fear of anything with more than 5 legs (Starfish are ok)

13. My Photograph has been published in a coffee table book sold at Urban Outfitters, as well as an issue of Spin Magazine.

14.  I Can not pass a photobooth without taking pics.

15.  I Hand make all of my Halloween costumes

16.  I go to at least 1 pickle festival a year. (there were 2 in 2012)

17.  I have an unhealthy obsession with fried chicken.

18.  I have a metal plate with 6 screws in my ankle (from roller derby)

19. I have studied in both Florence and London

20. I Was fluent in French until I studied in Italy. Now I am fluent in Fritalian

21. My senior thesis in 2005 was a series of life sized, silk screened paper dolls, based on roller derby.

22. I Used to play the Alto Saxophone and was the only girl in Junior High Jazz Band

23.  One time myself and a friend had an awkward exchange with comedians David Cross and H Jon Benjamin

24. I have played soccer from age 5 through my first year of college

25. I taught myself how to embroider, my first project was embroidering The Little Prince onto the back of a thrift store denim jacket, without a pattern.

*Side note -  My apologies to Miss Hardcory for my typo earlier!  In my opening paragraph, I was missing the word "laugh" after unique and contagious.