Monday, February 18, 2013

Memorable Moments

This past Saturday, The Long Island Roller Rebel All Stars scrimmaged Suburbia Roller Derby's All Stars - Suburban Brawl, of Westchester County.  The scrimmage took place at our home base, Skate Safe America.  NSO BarKnuckle Bill was my rink side reporter for the day and has provided me with some memorable moments which I'm happy to share with you:

- The Arena was colder than an Igloo at Iditarod (and due to a water main break- the bathrooms weren't available till the second half) 

- Suburban Brawl's Fifi Fleshwound broke a chair entering the penalty box (no harm, no foul, no injury- unless you count the chair) 

- LIRR Ref Rocky Horrorwitz worked hard as Head Ref, training for that position for the April bout (as Boothill Billy will be occupied elsewhere).
- Suburban Brawl's Hard Core Vette was a huge help with the NSO's

- LIRR's Berry Boom Boom led the LIRR and SB's Helda Raise (former skater for LIRR) led her team, both with 5 Majors a piece.

Final score LIRR All Stars - 141  Suburban Brawl - 115
Thanks to Suburban Brawl for coming out and to BarKnuckle Bill for these Memorable Moments! 

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