Thursday, February 21, 2013

Wheelers vs Ladies Recap

On February 9th Long Island Roller Rebels dug out of the snow left over from Nemo to kick off the first bout of the 2013 season with The Return of the Home Teams! Both teams had some old and some new faces on their rosters. Starting with The Wicked Wheelers roster: Betty or Not, Captain Morgan, Crashtastic Cate, Dropkick Dolly, Ermahgerd!, Femme&M, Hardcory, Nautical Vile, PhDoubleD & Veloce Villain lead by Captains Amaretto Soupuss & TNTeeny. The Ladies of Laceration’s line up Account DeeRacula, ArcHER Back, ATTACKACARDIC, Bad A$$ Nat, Point N Shoot, Revelyn Sin, ShadowboxHER, Thin Slice of Violence & Wushu Sugar lead by Captains Breakneck Brie & Flossy SmackIntyre. Both teams have not met on the track since 2010 when The Ladies upset The Wheelers to advance to the 2010 championships. The Wheelers wanted to reestablish their name on the track, however the Ladies were the first to put points on the board with 4 points by ATTACKACARDIC! The Ladies would keep the lead until jam 11. Veloce Villain would take the jammer line unopposed and put up a 19 point jam placing the Wheelers in the lead by one point 36 to 35. By jam 15, Thin Slice of Violence would have an 11 point power jam to keep the Ladies in the game 49 to 54 in favor of the Wheelers. The following jam Veloce Villain would help give her team a comfortable lead with an amazing 25 point jam! The Wheelers had great defensive walls effectively shutting out the Ladies’ jammers lead by captains TNTeeny & Amaretto Sourpuss. By the end of the first half it did not look good for The Ladies of Laceration with a score 92 to 54 in favor of the Wheelers.  

Photo by Michelle Wenz
In the beginning of the second period the Ladies regrouped and came out with strong walls by their blockers as ATTACKACARDIC would put up a 19 point power jam.  In jam 12, rookie jammer Revelyn Sin, had an 18 point power jam with a lead change 112 to 105 in favor of the Ladies. The game returned into a nail bitter with the score so close it was hard to predict a winner. However by jam 21 The Wheelers took a loss with power blocker Amaretto Sourpuss taking her 7th trip to the penalty box resulting in her being expelled from the game. This upset the Wheeler’s manager Jefferee causing him to follow Sourpuss to the locker room leaving the Wheelers with one manager Glittersarus Rex. The Wheelers kept strong putting up a fight with the score still close 139 to 113 Ladies. It came down to the final jam with Veloce Villain & Attackacardic taking the jammer line. ATTACK was able to gain lead jammer status and ran the period clock out while both jammers racking up an even 12 points for each team leaving the final score 151 to 125, Ladies Win!
Wheelers MVPs                                                 Ladies MVPs
Blocker Amaretto Sourpuss                    Blocker Flossy SmackIntyer
Jammer Crashtastic Cate                  Jammer Revelyn Sin
Ladies Lead Scorers
Attackacardic  60 points (15 jams)
Thin Slice of Violence 32 points (10 jams)
Revelyn Sin 31 Points (10 jams)
Wheelers Lead Scorers
Veloce Villain 76 points (17 jams)
Crashtastic Cate 25 points (15 jams)

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