Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ask Etta

Welcome back to Ask Etta, the monthly column designed to answer all of your questions. Today, read on to learn more about jeerleaders..........

Dear Etta,
Has LIRR ever thought about having Jeerleaders like Gotham Girls (I have a friend who is actually a first time GG Jeerleader this season) and other WFTDA teams have (with the national competitions at Roller Con)? I think it might be a great idea so you could have in between "half time shows" as well as the musical acts you have and other things you have already and I wanted to know what you thought about that or if has even been discussed before with the league. Singed - A quiet fan of the Roller Rebels

Hello -
Since I joined the league a few years after it was formed, I went to Captain Morgan to help answer this question. Evidently, The Rebels used to have Jeerleaders. They were called the Thunder Kitties. Though they didn’t perform a half time show per se, they ran around and “jeered” during the bout, much the way a mascot would do. We like the idea of having Jeerleaders at half time, but don’t have anything in the works at the moment. Anyone interested in forming a group?


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