Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Down on One Knee

This past Sunday marked the finale (for now) of Throwin' Down in Morristown. The Roller Rebels once more, made their way to New Jersey for Morristown, Part 3, where a scrimmage with the Morristown Madams (sans the "working on Sunday Etta Jams") took place. I received plenty of feedback from my ladies who participated and what I found out was that the practice was a learning experience for most. Since a scrimmage is sort of a dress rehearsal, we try and concentrate more on how we play both as individuals and as a team and we are less likely to worry about the score. I heard talk about things we do well, and things we need to work on. I unfortunately also heard about more than one knee injury. Injuries are something we try to prevent, but there are times when it's unavoidable. I'd like to share an email with you that I received yesterday from my fellow derby girl, Muscles Marinara. She wrote to me in hopes that her unfortunate experience would prevent one of the avoidable injuries from happening to other derby girls.


When I was jamming - I did a knee fall but tripped over the other jammer and went down more uncontrolled than I wanted....and my knee pad slipped down and my knee stopped my body - which HURT. I thought maybe if I tell others they will be sure to tape their knee pads - or buy a gel protector for their knee. After it happened OvaDose from the Madams team told me about a gel protector- I haven't bought it yet - but plan to do that tomorrow. She said its about $9 in Sports Authority. I plan on buying it tomorrow so I can at least skate on Tuesday. I was pretty swollen yesterday and this morning but I am constantly icing it and putting Flexal 454 on it (same as Icy Hot). Hope that helps others prevent their own injuries.

Muscles Marinara

To Muscles and my other injured ladies out there, you know who you are, here's wishing you all a SPEEDY recovery!!

On a happier note, here are some pictures from Sunday, courtesy of Doc Block. A special thanks to Doc and to her daughter Sydney for taking the pics!!


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