Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Throwin' Down in Morristown

The Roller Rebels are going to be spending a bit of time in New Jersey over the next few months and you should all be there to join in on the fun! Read on to see how you can get in on the good stuff.

This Saturday, January 31st, we'll be heading over to watch The Morristown Madams take on The Hudson Valley Horrors.

This is exciting for three reasons. First, the obvious, it's a bout and it doesn't get much better than that. Second, we have friends on both teams and it will be great to see them battle it out and spend some time with them at the after party. And third, two Roller Rebels are volunteering to each coach a team. Yep, once again, Captain Morgan and D-Ball are up against each other. Good luck on the benches ladies!

But the fun doesn't stop there because on Saturday, February 28th, The Morristown Madams have invited us to join them on the track for some hard hitting derby action. Two kick-ass teams will be comprised of members from each league, which should definitely make for an interesting bout. Both bouts will be held at Morristown Inline Rink, 30 Pine Street Morristown, NJ and start at 7:00, doors open at 6:00.

Finally, in March, we make another trip to visit our cute-n-brutal Madams, for a non-stop action scrimmage. Sorry folks, no tickets for sale on this one. Just a bunch of derby girls getting together to knock each other down.

New Jersey never looked so good!


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