Monday, January 5, 2009

Derby in the news!

One of my fellow derby girls (thanks Jenn!) shared a link with the league on our message board today. Roller derby was on CBS news this morning. At first I was just so happy to hear that derby was on TV. Then, as I read the article posted on the website, I was even more excited to see that the featured skaters were the Garden State Rollergirls, a league we know well. Better yet, the bout footage that they presented was one where many of the Long Island Roller Rebels volunteered to help out. If you look quickly, you can catch a glimpse of Captain Morgan, who was guest coaching, #2 who helped out with stats and Astra Zombie and Psychobilly who were reffing. I'm sure if I watch it again, I might see some other Roller Rebels who were there. I too was there that night, along with some of the other girls, to watch and it was definitely a night to remember. Congrats GSR! Here's the video....

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